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  1. cheers bud is he on here or is it a web site ?
  2. Hi Peeps, been a while and ive lost track of who still does the mapping from scratch on the AEM ecu, mine is currently running and i live mapped it age ago to get the engine running and driveable got the dual widebands so i know afr is ok and i made a ign and fuel map etc , anyway whos the best at this nowadays , as theres mapping and well shit mapping lol rich
  3. not been on here for over a year wow, sad loss mike was a good guy :(
  4. well engine nearly finished fitting just fitting the ash intercooler piping its a tight fit, struggling to fit washer bottle in above it
  5. same here just realised it had run out just resubbed
  6. thanks guys its been a while been busy with life etc , divorce /new job/ still got the zed though :) rich
  7. before i went to work after fitting my new engine , its lives :)) just got to fill her up with water and runn her in now:)
  8. I just realised i didn't use the link provided i just paypall from last year so ur data base wont have my name user id etc richard sykes
  9. cheers ian yeah its been a while still got the zed and now in middle of divorce after 22 yrs, i was working away for a few months so the wife decided to play away the bitch.....
  10. renewed again oops i forgot to do it for a while
  11. cheers dudes am gonna get wasted at the weekend to celebrate getting....OLD lol :)
  12. have a good un Paul u old git lol :)
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