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    resurrecting the devil "Z"
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  2. Not competing this year so can do mores shows and events 1: Funkysi (Simon Parsons) 13th and 14th 2: nickz32 (Nick Johnson) 13th and 14th 3: Joely P (Joel Pickering) 13th and 14th 4: Baz (Barry Keen) 14th 5: RichardS (Richard Smith) +1, 13th and 14th 6: Gaz 300 (Gary Wilson) +1 13th and 14th 7: Craig & Nikk 13th and 14th 8: Iangreenfield +1 13th and 14th 9: JaiKai (lee Young) 13th and 14th 10: Gray....Graham +1, 13th & 14th 11: AndrewG (Andrew Glen) 13th & 14th 12. Elly Calienda + 2, 14th only 13. Winnoze (Ant Whitehead) plus 1 13th&14th 14. Geedee (Malcolm Martindale) + 13th & 14th 15. Bigh (Howard Beckmann) 13th & 14th 16. Bones28 (Anthony Hext) +2 13th & 14th 17. GSC (Gary Crowther) 13th & 14th 18. BedZee Man (Chris Jones) 14th. 19.(adl) phoenix (Ashley Stevenson) 13th & 14th
  3. Nice and relaxed, weather helped, might do both days next year and get out on the track,
  4. Yeah was me, nice to meet you, good luck with your zed hopefully get to see it once it's on the road. Great pictures can hardly see the rust. Haha
  5. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to attend the agm, change in my race calendar has made the 14th and 15th is a double header weekend for formula G, so I'm going to be competing in Rockingham, So make sure you get lots of pictures.
  6. I've got a half cage for my harness,
  7. Literally took a pair of 370z Rears of my zed yesterday, they are very slightly wider then the body on the standard 275/25/19 tyres, Was trialling them as a track day tyre but mines too low and they rubbed the arches under hard cornering. Only have reasonable so can't comment on the fronts
  8. Can you pm me your details again its in our warehouse, there's been a lot of changes, my colleague who was going to drop it to you no longer works for us and Im leaving soon too, I'll get the invoice sorted Monday and we'll organise an evening I'll bring it down myself after work if that's OK. Sorry completely forgot about it, it's hidden in a special part of the warehouse with my other new zed parts bumper fenders stickers.
  9. Definitely interested in doing something on the Saturday 1. Craig 2. Alic +1 3. Lee and Neen, possibly Chloe 4: Funkysi 5. AndrewG (Sunday) 6. 182stevecup +1 (possibly both days) 7. JaiKai 8. GeeDee +1 maybe 9. Richard & Julia - hotel booked.... 10.(Adl) phoenix
  10. Nice, glad if fits well Didn't know uk cars had a painted section instead, I've a couple of lights laying around if you need one to paint.
  11. Was a good day and a good turnout, thanks everyone for coming along, Reminder next one is 24th March
  12. Don't worry just had to take half my roll cage out to fit it in... Haha didn't occur to me that it would be such an issue, But it's in there now, looking forward to tomorrow Will be at Cobham between 10am and 10:15 If anyone is coming that way.
  13. If you turn up in a 300zx you can get in, if I thought we'd be reaching capacity I'd be taking regs etc, but I think we'll be fine, That being said anyone not coming in a zed should let me know before hand, or you may be asked to park on the road.
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