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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Final clear-out of my 300ZX parts. This listing is for TWO sets fo these, so you can replace both drivers and passenger side. Photo in the advert is of one kit only. From Z1 Website: OEM Top Window Roller Kit This includes SIX OEM Nissan parts.(per window) It is the complete set to replace the roller on the driver or passanger side window. Requires one kit per window. If the top roller is broken the window will not seal properly and can cause leaks or rattles. It will also cause a rattle when the door is shut. These kits are available from Z1 @ $28.44 plus shipping + duty + VAT https://www.z1motorsports.com/door-shell-and-trimming/nissan/oem-300zx-z32-top-window-roller-slider-kit-p-4398.html I will sell both of the sets for £45, including P&P in the UK.


  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    These do not come up very often, and I will offer the item to the club members first before advertising the item on Ebay/FB. I purchased this new from Danny at DTA, its complete and in its original box, with all the instructions and CD. It also comes with a USB to RS232 adapter lead, again this was purchased direct from DFTA, so it all functions correctly, on a USB PC/Socket. The ConZult is a software application that was originally developed for the late model 300ZX (Z32) It is basically a PC-version of the (very expensive) Nissan consult and offers the same functionality plus extra features that are not possible with a Nissan consult. ConZult website - https://conzult.com P&P and tracking/insurance not included


  3. JDM Distro link below https://www.jdmdistro.com/product-category/wheels/japan-racing-wheels/
  4. Hi, if you are having trouble with three piece wheels, speak with Elie at Voodoo Motorsport. He made a fantastic job of my Work Equips http://voodoomotorsport.co.uk/ If you are having trouble with sourcing new barrels, give JDM Distro a call. They can make any size offset you need. They also sell old JDM wheels sourced directly from Japan. Have a look at their website. Alternatively if you want a set of specific wheels, they will try and source them for you although you may have to wait until a set come up in your specific size/offset.
  5. Well the Z has been gone a while now, thought I should update the this thread. Final shots of her off to her new home in Weston Super Mare. I am not leaving the Nissan fold altogether, as I have a new project (Datsun 240Z) on its way from 'down under', and will be a regular visitor to the Z Club 'orange site'.
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    This is a fabulous indoor car cover that retails at over £299, plus the additional white piping that follows the silhouette of the car. I bought this soon after my car had its respray, it is so so soft, and is a must if you want to keep the dust off the car whilst its in the garage. These covers are cut to fit the 300ZX design, not a generic car cover. Its is a stretchy material, and even though my Z had non OEM panels it was a perfect fit. Being 3mm thick it does give a good amount of protection to the cars, paintwork, from any accidental contact. Comes in its original storage bag and care/instructions see link below https://www.specialisedcovers.com/prestige-plus/ Prestige + fabric is a 3mm thick polyester microfleece with a soft inner to protect your paintwork as much as possible. The fabric weighs 250gsm which makes it thicker and heavier than the Prestige. Price includes Insurance and shipping.


  7. Only if you have a RHD 240z, without rust
  8. As some of the members on here know, back in the Summer, whilst I was at the Simply Japanese event at Beaulieu. I was approached by the editor of Japanese Performance magazine, and asked if I would like the car featured in the magazine in the forthcoming months. Today I received a nice surprise, the car feature published for the January issue.
  9. Good condition one here Chris... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-Skyline-R32-GTR-Carbon-Canister/113405689955
  10. Well the car went to Oxford, and is now in Guildford at VW bodyshop, as I wanted to go with a VW shop rather than the insurers, preferred ‘partner’. Just awaiting their assessment. Our courtesy car arrives tomorrow in the form of a SEAT CUPRA, so that will please the misses.
  11. Having spent 3-4 weeks looking for our R, and collecting it just 3 days ago from the seller. My wife was out in it today taking the dog, for a walk, when a driver failed to stop at a crossroads. Luckily everyone was relatively unhurt, (including the dog) just a few bruises etc. Having only driven it once, I think it will be a while before we have it back. Although as it may have a CAT S or N against it I am not sure if we even want to take it back
  12. Would have come along Tom, however the car is under going a little upgrade this weekend so cannot make it.
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