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  1. Yeah i'd seen the CZP offer. About £310. Just don't know what the total is likely to be by the time is all paid for at my door. Must still be less than £552?
  2. What's the current thinking of the best place to source 99 spec rear lights (and centre panel) from? ZCentre is £552 for the 3 panels inc vat, but without shipping. Is it cheaper to source from the states even after taking shipping and taxes into account?
  3. 13k ish It's being reborn after many years in isolation. Looking forward to driving it again. Yours ok?
  4. :happybday: Happy Birthday Daz. The Big 40 !!! :ohmy::lol: Have a good one :thumbup: :happybday:
  5. Done - Good luck with the bike ride Kim. A very worthy cause :thumbup1:
  6. Makes no real difference - only slight differences between them. With the age of these cars you buy on condition rather than anything else. Although I do have a soft spot for the UK cars :cool3:
  7. You're correct Mr Car.Mad. Its a Jap car with a UK headlight panel. Giveaways are lack of headlight washers, no rear fogs, mirror fold switch, fog lights etc
  8. Happy Birthday Richard - hope the Zed is back to fine health.
  9. If you only cover 6000 miles a year then i'd normally suggest its not worth keeping the run-around. But that's only if its a financial consideration. The costs of taxing, insuring, servicing etc the corsa would more than offset the extra petrol the zed would consume. However, it is nice to have a second set of wheels for when it breaks :x: As a person who has six cars though i'd say keep the corsa - variety is the spice of life
  10. See this thread. http://www.300zx.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=111586&highlight=c%26s+woods Phil had a good reputation with zed's, although i've not used him myself.
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