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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'll put an order together and ask for a shipping quote. Expensive business these zed parts!
  2. Yeah i'd seen the CZP offer. About £310. Just don't know what the total is likely to be by the time is all paid for at my door. Must still be less than £552?
  3. What's the current thinking of the best place to source 99 spec rear lights (and centre panel) from? ZCentre is £552 for the 3 panels inc vat, but without shipping. Is it cheaper to source from the states even after taking shipping and taxes into account?
  4. 13k ish It's being reborn after many years in isolation. Looking forward to driving it again. Yours ok?
  5. Still got it of course. Got to keep myself in the Zed family. If work/kids/house etc etc give me a minute I may get chance to drive it!
  6. 1. Ian Greenfield 2. Craig Stratton 3. AndrewG 4. Chris300 5. JaiKai 6. t.mogsy 7. Gaz 300 8. Richard Smith 9. kgonzokia 10. Funkysi 11. Joelyp 12. Stephen 13. Bigh 14. GSC 15. 182stevecup 16. Rata2ie 17. Johnyboy 18. Art123 19. Devvny 20. Winnoze 21.Mightysi 22. coopd. 23. Slick Pete. 24. Bones28 25. Jonce 26. Nickz32 27. PhilP I've added my name. If my Zed is up and running i'll be there.
  7. There is a module in the drivers door that sends the signal to the passenger to lock/unlock. I've had one fail on mine.
  8. Thanks. I've heard this place mentioned before. Seems to be held in high regard.
  9. Hi Everyone, Recently sold one of my cars. The new owner is wanting to get the car chipped and mapped to make the most of the modifications I did. The car had an engine rebuild, refurbished turbo's, aftermarket intercoolers & rad etc. It also had a Greddy Profec B plumbed in, but never setup. Does anyone have any recommendations of where he might take it? He's based in the Surrey area. Thanks
  10. Very nice. Great to see a rare unmolested version.
  11. Spotted today driving away from Formby (nr Liverpool). L Reg Grey. Didn't notice if it was UK or Jap - was quite surprised to see a zed. Long time since i've seen one on the roads.
  12. Might be a faulty climate control ECU. I had a similar problem with mine.
  13. It isn't. The Freelander engine is based on a Ford unit from when Ford owned JLR.
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