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  1. So time to get the back of the truck done now. What's your thoughts on this :
  2. The truck went in to the sign writers this morning and then i collected it midday. Glad i went for the orange look of the truck as my orange decals and logo looks great on it.
  3. Gonna need a bigger gate now too, very tight fit to get in and out.
  4. And its arrived, needs a good clean again after 5 hours on the road.
  5. It's on route and should be with me by tomorrow morning.
  6. Delayed again but been told it should be with me Thursday for sure.
  7. Just got a email from the garage i purchased my truck from saying that it will be on a transport hopefully within the next 24 hours. So i no longer need to go get it. Just on time for a further lockdown and i wont get to play with it much. 😞
  8. I've also checked the logs and nothing has been tagged to be moderated. As Gary said you will get a notification when someone replies here as you are the thread starter.
  9. Been off for a while but luckily i have been busy rather than thinking the worst of it. Family is good and hopefully end of next month Jimmer will be working on a new Engine build for me.
  10. Just turned that on, Its also on the toolbars to make it look like its landing.
  11. It actually comes like that. The SVP was a special edition line, there is only 250 in the UK, each one had its number embroidered on the seats. This one is 015 out of 250.
  12. Yip, All roads now officially closed and from monday the garage will also be shut. No sign of getting it until after new year now.
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