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  1. Only guessing they must have missed the neutral switch, as the timing will be off too without it done properly.
  2. Who done the conversion for you ?
  3. Its a safety feature on autos, the key wont release until you put the shifter into park. When the auto conversion was done one of the pins needs to be connected to the neutral switch to the ecu or the ecu pin needs to be grounded. Pin 44 on the ECU needs to be ground to bypass the safety feature or the other way is to connect a wire from the ECU to the neutral switch on the gearbox and ground the secondary wire on the neutral switch. There is also the relay located in the wing that needs to be bypassed using a loop
  4. Whole point of it is that its goes to a dark version. Click the brush icon and the dark version of the header is the first option.
  5. So looks like the theme may have a colour bug using this feature. When using the moon icon to change theme from day to night mode below is what the theme should look like on mobiles : But if you happened to previously use the colour picker using the brush tool the theme headers will stay that colour. Does everyone see the above looking themes or are you getting something different ?
  6. I kind of like it for the mobile experience at night, easy on the eyes.
  7. So you may have noticed a new moon icon appearing at the top right side of the club toolbar. This my friends is a portal to the dark side 🙂 Give it a click and the club will be transported over to a realm you may or may not like. The design still needs tweaked in a few places but i'm thinking you'll all get the just of the effect. Let me know your thoughts. Lee
  8. Looks like that last software update gave this thread a new stats panel to the right. 😏
  9. JaiKai

    End of the Rainbow

    End of the Rainbow
  10. Hi, i've cancelled your old 1 year subscription.

    If you go to the membership toolbar up top the two year option should now be available.


    1. nicjwin


      Thanks JaiKai renewed now

  11. Not really as the right side only goes to a guage, The left however isnt the correct oem sensor for this car. It may work but i'm not interlay sure what effect it may give.
  12. However they both look a bit botched. Replacements can be purchased from zcentre or conceptz but you will need new plugs too. https://www.zcentre.co.uk/index.php/click-here-for-parts/engine-electrical-hoses-and-deletes/300zx-nissan-oem-water-temp-ecu-sensor https://www.zcentre.co.uk/index.php/click-here-for-parts/engine-electrical-hoses-and-deletes/300zx-nissan-oem-water-temp-gauge-sensor
  13. Both Coolant temp sensors, one on the left goes to the ECU and the other goes to the gauge cluster.
  14. Anyone tried the updated mobile version?
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