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  1. We were on the list for last year but somehow we never received the confirmation email so they skipped us for a priority placement. We are now on a reserve list.
  2. Sure we are on a reserve list to get a stand, every year we apply and generally we get offered a stand but we might not this year.
  3. JaiKai

    My Purple Zed

    1996 Series 4 300ZX JAP Spec TT Manual. Painted in House of Kolor Purple My zed now named ziggy was imported in 2015 and was originally an automatic. It has since been completely overhauled, stripped to its base shell and rebuilt by myself. This zed is only a few in the club to be a series 4 model which are getting very rare.
  4. So custom loom built which is red, yellow and black, red is constant direct feed from battery, yellow is switched live via ignition and black is the earth feed.
  5. On my zed i have a separate fuse box for all my toys. Its a split load so both feeds come direct from the battery; however one has a relay and powers on only with the ignition on. I'll go take a picture and let you see my setup. brb
  6. Bought my house 15 years ago for about £160k, Built in the 60's i believe they all had rear garages of sorts but most of them have been demolished. My zed barely fits past the house and i also had to remove the side hedge to get it in. Cars of today are much wider than 50 years ago and most council garages that you used to be able to rent very rarely have cars and are also getting demolished now. This is the view from above and the stones are technically the driveway to the garage at the back. All the hedges were removed to free up some room in the garden and i think we gained about 7ft.
  7. Must be a market in them for someone to make a replica
  8. Internally the floor space is 4.66m by 5.66m I've built worktops and storage along the left side and back wall. There is also a cutout area to the left side which you cant see which has a sink and where we keep the kids bikes too. From the front its nearly 7m wide so it makes it look alot bigger than it truly is as the garden cuts in at the back left. We designed the garden area to make it look as if its not a drive way but rather a stoned feature. So the stones tend to have the washing line, bins and a huge table every time i want to take the zed out.
  9. To be honest it was mostly the wife, but it was needing doing as the floor was also covered in various oil spillages too.
  10. Back to bed she goes until the engine is ready !
  11. Originally bought them from Amazon. These are 6ft LED Battens and are exactly the width of the wooden beams of my garage and were perfect. I wired each row separately which has two batten lights to a beam so i can light up some or all of the garage.
  12. Now i have to clean and sort all this mess.
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