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  1. Happy Birthday Lee, all the best buddy.
  2. Not quite as old as Garry but it is pushing over 10 years !🤣
  3. I know exactly how you feel mate, i'm on my third rebuild after finding shrapnel in the oil of the first build contaminated my second build. At the time it also took out my turbos and i had to get them rebuilt too. I basically had to start again. Hopefully the cause is covered by the engine build warranty.
  4. I have the High 5 Clutch from Specialtyz https://www.specialtyz.com/sz-sport-street-for-vg30dett-and-vq35s-824.html.html Also bought my fly wheel from them but don't see it listed on the website any longer. Both were recommended to me by other members yet i haven't fitted mine as yet.
  5. Happy Birthday , have a great day.
  6. Yeh, Only 1 man for that job. His name is @jimmer and he owns Powerzed down in Bristol. Should be about on here and on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PowerZed-331214947014135/
  7. Jimmer is the best, i was down at his unit last week dropping off my engine to him to rebuild. It was a 800 mile round trip for me but seriously worth it.
  8. We were on the list for last year but somehow we never received the confirmation email so they skipped us for a priority placement. We are now on a reserve list.
  9. Sure we are on a reserve list to get a stand, every year we apply and generally we get offered a stand but we might not this year.
  10. JaiKai

    My Purple Zed

    1996 Series 4 300ZX JAP Spec TT Manual. Painted in House of Kolor Purple My zed now named ziggy was imported in 2015 and was originally an automatic. It has since been completely overhauled, stripped to its base shell and rebuilt by myself. This zed is only a few in the club to be a series 4 model which are getting very rare.
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