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  1. Hi guys and girls Anyone have any idea if you can claim compensation from the dvla due to loss of earnings? What it is my father in law is a ripe old age of 67 after years of not being able to work because of his weight and bad knees he had an operation lost 14 stone and was able to return to work he is a HGV Driver, each year he has to renew his licence have a medical etc, his licence was due for renewal January 2016 so he sent all his stuff medicals etc to the dvla in October 15, I know but early but that's pops for ya! Anyhow he hadn't heard anything after Xmas so rung them
  2. Ive said for a long time now once our 2 staffies go then no more dogs! The hubby would have loads but they drive me crazy worse than kids lol
  3. I tried going cold turkey nearly killed the hubby so bought an elites e-cig I've gone from 20 cigs a day to 20 cigs a week, only smoke when I'm at work and as much as I'd like to give that up I can't lol
  4. Was supposed to be going round my mates so our hubbies can watch it while we have a drink! But 3am :ohmy: Sod that!!!
  5. So sorry to read this Mandy, I never got to meet you but I'm sending lots of cyber hugs your way, thoughts are with you and your family xx
  6. We had people queuing outside our asda when I started work and I got there at 3.30am it didn't launch until 8!!! Sad fookers!! But in all fairness our customers were very well behaved and there were no arguments, pushing or shoving and our store is surrounded by JK rejects lol
  7. I've got a deaf white female staffy your welcome too lol one day with her will put you off dogs for life lol
  8. Great pics the beast is looking even better, how did Jason do in the show and shine?
  9. Sorry guys I'm not going to make it after all :( I just simply can't afford it at the moment but I sincerely hope the weather is kind and you all have lots of fun! Someone have a few bevvies for me plz :) xx
  10. The next three words do not pass my lips very often .......... Wow that's huge!
  11. Hopefully I'll be there! Still Trying to talk my bestie into staying in a tent! I will talk her round lol
  12. Well I for one think your all a bunch of ................................................. ........ ....... Really nice guys ;)
  13. I cannot possibly divulge that information but like your chart it's very colourful ;) lol
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