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  1. Time Left: 12 days and 18 hours

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    Looking for a cheap set of either 18” or 19” alloys and tyres. Need fronts to be able to fit over brembo brakes. Not worried about condition.


  2. Thanks Robert, Was only an easy job as I left it to the garage as I didn’t have the time to do it myself!
  3. Any update on the condenser manufacture from the company? Got my old one stripped out ready to throw a new one in!!
  4. Cheers Guys! Will definitely have the Z on the road this year!!
  5. Sounds good Robert. I would happily take one if all is well. Thanks for doing all the legwork on this and hopefully it helps members in the future.
  6. Sounds good! I’m away this week but may be able to provide the one currently in my car when I get back if still needing one then.
  7. Give RC coach works in Ayr a call. Ryan the owner is a top guy and my Z was fully resprayed in there many years ago and has had new front wings fitted and sprayed more recently.
  8. Fair point! I’ll get one ordered!
  9. Did you go with this one and did it fit ok? I’ve just removed the broken condenser on my TT and if this is the best option I will go with it.
  10. Thanks! I have taken a note of these and I see that the place Jaikai uses in Troon has the Hunter Hawkeye equipment. Will be getting it booked in as soon as the new wheels are built.
  11. How have you found these settings in terms of driveability now that you have had them done for a while? I am needing to get this done in the next couple of weeks and it would be great to just hand these settings over if they work well!
  12. A few pictures of the prep work and primer. Nearly ready to get painted now!
  13. I bought them from the Z centre. Think they had to come from Europe as no U.K. stock. Came in a massive box and arrived in pristine condition.
  14. Wings now fitted and work started on blending the side skirts back in. If anyone is ever going for new wings definitely go for the original Nissan ones as they are a perfect fit.
  15. Guys were busy test fitting the wings and sorting out the side skirts where rust had come through today. Insides of the new wings thoroughly waxoyled.
  16. The past 5 years have been pretty full on! The Z was pretty much neglected and all Z related stuff was just put to the side. This box had not even been opened.
  17. Clearing out the attic and I found a large box that I had completely forgot about!
  18. Popped up to the body shop yesterday to see how things were progressing. 2 new original Nissan wings were needed as the old ones were not in good shape when we started to rub them down.
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