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  1. 21 minutes ago, Robert W said:

    Hi Bazz,

    Spoke with them yesterday, should be ready to collect after this week.

    Will post a photo when i get it.

    Was it an easy job to get the condenser out as will have to do mine soon?

    Thanks Robert, 

    Was only an easy job as I left it to the garage as I didn’t have the time to do it myself! 

  2. On 13/08/2020 at 20:54, Robert W said:

    Visited the company today, dropped off the condenser and had a chat about cost, looks like cost will  be £250 + VAT (£300.00)

    This is £25 cheaper (+ import duty) than the one from America on Ebay once postage is added but also less chance of damage in transit, I mentioned depending on interest there could be an order for a small quantity but this did not seem to make much difference to the cost as it wasn't going to be a large order.

    I witnessed a condenser being pressure tested that they had manufactured and it looked good so I have asked them to produce one unit (as a multiple buy didn't make any difference to the cost) once this has been manufactured i will post photos of the unit for all to see and report back on the fit and performance of the unit once installed. I was told it could be up to 2 weeks before the unit is ready as they are very busy.

    If it's OK then there will be a second choice for people other than the unit from America and if it isn't OK i can join in for a group buy from America to lower the postage.




    Sounds good Robert. I would happily take one if all is well. Thanks for doing all the legwork on this and hopefully it helps members in the future. 

  3. 19 hours ago, Robert W said:

    Hi Bazz, I have one on its way to me now (found one on Ebay) but thanks for the offer it's much appreciated.

    Once I have the condenser i will visit the company to find out what the cost will be to manufacture the units.

    Hopefully I will be able to look around the facility and see other condensers that they have manufactured (and take photos) to gauge the quality.

    Once the cost is known will then see how much interest there is for the unit.


    Sounds good Robert. 

  4. On 15/08/2019 at 22:32, PeterR said:

    Just a quick follow-up to my last post. I'm looking for a body shop to sort some corrosion out on my Z32. That means wings and sills. It would ease my mind if I was putting the car in the hands to someone who knows the Z32. Talking to Luke at the Z Centre, from whom I will get the panels etc, its quite obvious that there are useful things to know about this car when doing bodywork. Luke has a wealth of knowledge, but Nottingham is just a bit too far away...


    Anyone know of such a body shop in Scotland?



    Give RC coach works in Ayr a call. Ryan the owner is a top guy and my Z was fully resprayed  in there many years ago and has had new front wings fitted and sprayed more recently.  

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