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    Hi I am looking for a Front windscreen for a 1991 Z32 TT LWB Jap import. I believe these have the brown tint up to 1995. Kind Regards Glynn Shard


  2. I will second that. The people on here are legends, as is the site.
  3. Thank you so much for this info. Your a Legend!
  4. Hi All I am trying to get my Zed back on the road after a lengthy (10 years+) period. After some kind recommendations on here I was put in touch with Jimmer, who has given me some advise. Then the fit hit the shan in March and I haven't got any further. Now it is time to get things rolling again. The front windscreen is cracked badly and requires replacement, and would be good to get this done before I send her up to Jimmer to work his magic. I have a put up a advert on here but no luck as yet. Just wondering if anyone has had to do the same and can give me any pointers. My Zed is a: 91, TT, LWB, Japanese Import. I believe the tint is brown. If a different tint became available do you think it would look to odd? Kind Regards Glynn
  5. I towed her with my transit to the flatbed. Now sitting on my (very understanding) brother's driveway until jimmer can work his magic. Cheers
  6. Thanks for your advice guys, and the warm welcome.
  7. Good morning 1991 300zx TT Auto has been sitting idle for 10 odd years. She will be put in to a garage for a complete overhaul, But I needs to move her a short distance (500 yards) to get her onto a flatbed and I just want to check I have my bases covered before I run her up: Fuel, do I need to drain any residule fuel (if any) before topping up with fresh? Engine Oil. Is it worth replacing oil? From what I have researched 10-30W Fully Synthetic is ok, unless in extremely low temps. Transmission fluid. Again is it worth changing? Any recommendations? Thanks in Advance PS Just subscribed to the forum ?
  8. Thank you for your recommendations ?
  9. First of all Hello to old and new fellow forum members. I currently have a 300zx TT Auto 1991, which has been laid up for a good 10 years. The time has come to get her back on the road. Can anyone recommend a reputable Zed garage in the Kent area, or even further afield. Thanks in advance
  10. Ditto, thanks for all the advice. I will report back any findings.
  11. Hi. Did you ever solve this issue? as I have a very similar problem at the moment. Cheers
  12. Hello chaps Getting my Z going after a long lay off. Pads needs replacing. But discs are pretty rusty but surface area doesnt feel pitted. Now, do I need to replace, remove rust or just replace pads and let the pads remove the rust? Cheers
  13. Welcome back. Good luck with your zed mate, sounds like its going to be a winner.
  14. Thanks for all the warm welcomes and welcome backs guys! I pretty sure my old username used to be kia99. Went to OZ for a year back in 2006 and that is when I laid her up. I have uploaded some quick snaps in MyRides. Cheers lads :)
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