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    A 95 Silver TT Slicktop is in the making - fully loaded ?.
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    First car Capri 1.6S 1977.
    2.0 ghia Capri 1980 - loved it.
    Fiesta 1.1 looked like a supersport!
    Escort 1.3 looked like a xr3!
    Astra GTE 1988 - loved it.
    Orion 1.6 Ghia, bland.
    Cosworth Sapphire 1990 Superb.
    Vectra Black 1996, quite liked it!
    I've had a few mercs but now I have an Evoque Dynamic and quite like it actually.
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    Burnley, Lancashire
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    Crystal Palace fan living in the north.
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    North West

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  1. Well thank you, appreciate that, everybody comments about how clean it is. Hope you didn't stop the young fella working 🙂.
  2. Nice to see, encouraging when I'm currently in the middle of putting together something similar, if not better.
  3. Infinity have completed my exhaust, this is what was stated on the invoice.......... 'Shorten existing front pipes & fabricate & fit 3" stainless steel twin exhaust system including x pipe setup & centre silencers & with quad large rectangular tailpipes'.
  4. https://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/nissan/nissan-6222851s00-clip/
  5. Only a 1/24 chance of that happening 😉.
  6. I just wonder if it's worth taking the cluster out and physically moving the needle about, see if it's free, that would be the first job I'd do. Also, look for damage on the cluster pcb, a general perusal about it is what I'd advise. Then it's obviously take the assembly out, is yours a LWB ?
  7. Where ? I'm not sure where you mean 😂.
  8. I did have a wonderful day thank you and gratitude again for the comments folks 😀.
  9. Thank you everybody, such kind words, I've had a lovely chilled day 😉.
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