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  1. What sort of response were you expecting ? Do I know you? , you seem riled up
  2. We will bounce back because of this (hopefully). James Matthews, (Pippa Middletons husband) is the main owner for Williams now (along with his 2 Investment firm directors from Dorilton). We held on as the only last true UK F1 team and family owned, but it had to happen. There is still a lot of people at WIlliams that have been here for many decades. Sad to see Claire and Frank go though, had very emotional Video call with her this morning before the news went to press. Will certainly miss seeing Frank everyday.
  3. You might also find the TT bumper more appealing (Lower Front valance, with cooling slats or there is also the Nissan Facelift front bumper (1999-2000). Depends how purist you are,
  4. Its been off the road for several years. He did have some very big plans for it, but I understand he has more modest intentions for it now. I'll drop him a message...
  5. He does, but he's not active on here anymore.
  6. If you mean the Model series, then yes they are the same. There are 2 different versions of injectors though. Phase 1 injectors are the same from 1989 to 1995. Phase 2 injectors are from 1995 onwards The later version wont fit in the earlier rail without an adapter kit and different connectors. Brown connectors are the standard TT 370cc injectors, they are actually purple when new but go brown over the years.
  7. Its a bit daunting taking a Hammer and Chisel to it :scared:
  8. Some Pre-bodyshop preperation. Previous owner of my shell had deleted the Slicktop roof trims. I quite liked the way it looked, but over time filler in the channels had cracked, so I decided to take it back to stock... Thick filler :blink::hurl: A few hours later....
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