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  1. This thread was confusing enough without the username change since Legrath 2003-2009
  2. ah, ofcourse its the VQ30DE but with some sort of hybrid VQ/VG intake manifold by the looks it it. Just spotted the comment about Direct injection too.
  3. Cant decide if thats lazy or genius. They must of had hood clearance issues, as thats a redesigned Plenum with the Throttle linkage relocated. Not sure why the Camgear covers were changed to what looks like cast aluminium though Rest of the car is hideous though,
  4. Welcome. An E34 (535i Sport) was the car I sold to buy my first Z back in 2003.
  5. Welcome ! Glad you have found yourself a tidy 300zx you are happy with, and the car is in good hands with Jimmer. Finding a good condition, well looked after example is not an easy thing unfortunatly. Not personally a fan of the veilside, but it doesnt matter what I or anyone else think. Although I would take the previous owners comment about it being a Veilside demo car with a pinch of salt. They did have a C-1 demo car but it was silver, and yours is missing some of the full kit. Thats not to say it wasnt another retailers demo car though.
  6. Has anyone tried your local Nissan dealer lately ? Back in the day they used to be cheaper for lot of OEM parts than other UK specialists or than Importing from the U.S.
  7. What sort of response were you expecting ? Do I know you? , you seem riled up
  8. We will bounce back because of this (hopefully). James Matthews, (Pippa Middletons husband) is the main owner for Williams now (along with his 2 Investment firm directors from Dorilton). We held on as the only last true UK F1 team and family owned, but it had to happen. There is still a lot of people at WIlliams that have been here for many decades. Sad to see Claire and Frank go though, had very emotional Video call with her this morning before the news went to press. Will certainly miss seeing Frank everyday.
  9. You might also find the TT bumper more appealing (Lower Front valance, with cooling slats or there is also the Nissan Facelift front bumper (1999-2000). Depends how purist you are,
  10. Not these days. Back in the Bernie days he used to sweet talk teams by providing spare passes, that were often "raffled" off internally, but these days they are so limited and tightly controlled we dont get any spares for ourselves let alone friends and family. Silverstone being the one exception, but even then its very limited between teams.
  11. Thats a little different. Rather than a fake engine noise, It amplifies the M4 engine Induction/exhaust back into the cabin so the driver can hear it over the modern soundproofing. The M4 sounds great outside the car.
  12. Modern Fords come with an App that allow you to choose different sounds. A friend uses the V8 setting on his...the speaker is outside under the car and matches engine RPM.
  13. Speak to Jimmer (Power Zed) - https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Automotive-Repair-Shop/PowerZed-331214947014135/
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