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  1. Wheeled mine out the garage, checked the lights were all working and took it for a test. A pass, with advisories for some brake pipes I cleaned up years ago
  2. Or that, time to give up on the cloud storage sharing !!!!
  3. Dug it out the garage, a run to a local MOT station and its now back on the road.
  4. First time I have had a proper look through the site fore ages and found this!. Lee, so sorry to see it in that state after all the hard work and time that you have put into the car. I was really looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.
  5. It's back on the road lol, but it was still on the road when I went to a registered user. Now able to PM my details to arrange collecting the welder
  6. Been that long a registered user wasn't sure whether I should have started as a new member :) Paid using paypal but couldn't get my user name up.
  7. Need to arrange a meet the next time the sun shines up here then :)
  8. Friday night I fitted a new battery. Monday I took it out the garage and washed it. Today Took it out on the road for the first time in 2 and 1/2 years. In for an MOT and it passed with some advisories for slight corrosion on brake pipes and a slight play in a suspension joint. Other than checking the lights beforehand I didn't do any prep work. Now it's all taxed and legal again!
  9. Hi John, good to see you back, hope the business is doing well!
  10. Made chicken balmoral with Isle of Jura sauce :) tatties and neeps, washed down with some beer and more Isle of Jura. Still plenty of haggis left (should have shot a smaller one) guess it's haggis for lunch
  11. Cheers chaps, just another day when your an old fart :)
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