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  1. Ossian


    Fingers crossed you get it sorted out soon, you've certainly deserve it with the amount of effort you've put in.
  2. Might be worth seeing if thread adaptors are available or the cost of making them up. That would be a bit easier than having condensers custom built.
  3. Ossian


    I still have mine but not used it much the last couple of years. Just had it tested again so on the road again. How's your project coming along
  4. Wheeled mine out the garage, checked the lights were all working and took it for a test. A pass, with advisories for some brake pipes I cleaned up years ago
  5. Ossian


    Its quiet in here!
  6. Cant do this weekend sorry, and will probably be away most of next week possibly into the weekend again. Then the following weekend is a beer festival outing..... and here's me who hardly ever goes anywhere! - - - Updated - - - Nae caber tossing jokes please :)
  7. well I'm up for a run soon just need to see if we can gather some interest
  8. Well....are we going to arrange something??
  9. I had a beemer that exhibited the same brake judder issue even after changing discs and pads. Turned out to be the front tension rod bushes. I had already checked them and couldn't find any movement anywhere in the suspension. Checked it again with the car on shaker plates and the bushes showed up right away. The problem with jacking a car up to check for wear is that you can take some components out of their normal running position, which masks any play/wear. If you cant find a friendly garage with hydraulic shaker plates, get a mate to try rolling the front wheels back and forward with the handbrake on while you watch the bushes. Used to do that to check on old fords, problem is the Z is a bit lower so wont be easy to check unless you have a pit.
  10. If you cant see anything with the brakes check your suspension to make sure there is no movement at any of the mountings. The other thing to double check is the lower suspension arm for fractures around the mounting to the tension rod. Not long after I got my Z I started to notice a clunk when braking at low speed, I could also feel it through the steering. It would happen coming to rest then on initially pulling away. When I checked it out the tension rod was almost detached from the arm. Worth having a look just in case, not easy to see from above though but I could easily feel the fracture when I checked mine. This was a bit of an issue years ago with some early aftermarket tension rod bushes not allowing enough movement.
  11. Be up for a trip soon, I have a sticky brake I need to fix first. Hopefully will get the chance to do it over the weekend
  12. Did you eat them all yourself then :)
  13. Or that, time to give up on the cloud storage sharing !!!!
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