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  1. sorry I've buggered it up and I can't alter the post. try again I spoke to Bobby Charlton after the match and asked him how the Old England cup winning team would have fared against Iceland. He replied, We'd have thrashed them one - nil. Only one nilk I asked and he said Yes, most of us are in our seventies now, we have to be careful.
  2. We'd have thrashed them one - nil. Only one nil I asked and he said Yes, mosty of us are in our seventies now, we have to be careful.
  3. Try this guy. He's a one man band, done a couple of jobs for me and is very reasonable. Owen Rogers Vehicle Transport Services, Wrexham. 07798868857. owenrogers2011@hotmail.co.uk. (Don't forget to mention if your car is lowered).
  4. if anyone's still awake it's repeated at 0100 national geographic channel 266 on virgin.
  5. Well said Pete. It's great to get young blood organising an event. We need younger members to step forward to carry on the organisation of these events involving the three great Z Clubs.
  6. Daz I had the same problem about 4 years ago. Got sent to hospital twice but nothing much happened and I've been taking the tablets ever since. Keep on keeping on.
  7. Have they slotted you yet? Hope it all goes well for you and wish you a speedy and successful recovery
  8. please don't count me in. I don't want to commit myself to something I can't guarantee my full commitment to. Sorry.
  9. He is under my therapy at present and I am trying to assimilate him to return to the world of the Z.. Please don't give him excuses to remain on the dark side.
  10. Gaz please add Zulley to your list. Rushing to get his Z finished in time but got the tickets. As far as late arrivals are concerned they used to forbid vehicle movement on site after 11pm in the old days but I've not been recently. Gates open at 12nn on Thursday I think and hopefully will be there soon after that. (depends on the lads Z).
  11. Arkwright

    JAE next week

    put me down for one of them please Trish.
  12. just my luck. My favourite Nun and booze too. See you at JAE:wub:
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