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  1. Ime with you on everything you have said Richard....Without sounding blasé about the whole terrible experience we all have suffered this year but the cynical side of me has to say its very strange timing this latest mutant strain to pop up just at the most crucial time of the Brexit negotiations. 🤨 My eldest daughter is dating and has been for most of this year a consultant Pathologist and what he has told me from the front line is ever so slightly different from the daily BBC propaganda we all get told, telling us we are all doomed until the BJ army tell us otherwise..He has not had one week
  2. I remember you matey... I don't have a zed anymore but always have a peek in the curtains to keep my hand in just in case i get an un-natural urge one night😛. Would have to be a good one though to make me sell my stage3 535d M sport with 500 ponies and 970Nm🤫
  3. znut


    Time Left: 22 days and 20 hours

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    ? As above please guys...Any turbos in need of service or repair wanted, cores or just housings also wanted good,bad or plain ugly.


  4. Those turbos should be balanced if they have had the compresser wheel removed..dont rely on marking the shaft,wheel and nut before you dismantle as it never works 100%...Also did you use genuine Mellet rebuild kit or generic from blagbay?...
  5. Your kinda working backwards...any blocking cleaning including the crank oilways should be done before the crank goes in. take the crank out and have the block cleaned and flushed including the crank by a specialist company,wont cost much and it will put to bed the reason you have had so much rebuild troubles in the past as in not being cleaned correctly and in order. The stage you are at in the vid is crucial regarding contamination?
  6. Thanks for your reply and help Richard ..The eagle has landed?
  7. ? Amazing Richard...Always thought you had a good woman there mate
  8. Very sad news indeed..Always had time for his customers even if it was only a cabin dashboard screw. R.I.P Mike
  9. Looks great...I can imagine the work involved to sort this and all i can offer is a massive thanks to Lee :thumbup1:
  10. I remember the 1st time i met Vince at a mids meet in 2004 and i was gob smacked at the bling he had...to this day i have not seen a fake gold neck chain as big:D
  11. To find metal filings in the plenum from a none running motor is hard to believe thinking the turbo housing as the culprit mate..you would of heard audible evidence 1st imho:no: Without trawling back through your posts have you had any parts of the intake powder coated? as the filings might be blasting grit still hanging around if it has not been through a hot parts washer prior to the oven. Who built the motor this present time?
  12. :no: RIP Who has not sung this song after a few drinks in the past.
  13. Now i know why Dave Chung does,nt come here any more Peter...he knows he,s beat:lol::lol::lol: great driving ..
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