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  1. Good to know. But too late for me as the subframe is already off and in bits!
  2. Subframe off job. I'm going to change all mine whilst I've got the frame off. Not a fun job on Acle stands!
  3. I'm driving my Chief Engineer nuts as half the boats engine room is covered in suspension bits!
  4. New fog lenses make such a difference to the front of the car. Mine are border line, but holding out on changing them as I have enough going on with the car already that is costing the Christmas bonus!
  5. Spent a couple of hours yesterday evening and a couple of hours today removing underseal from suspension components. Absolutely horrible job.
  6. To see how bad they are, you can strip out the rear seats and panels and get a camera phone to look down into the inside of the sill itself (or a boroscope if you have access to one - £30 from Amazon). Or at the more extreme end of the scale - drill a small hole into where there is already rust and then stick a boroscope through the hole. Though looking at the images you linked too a screwdriver might easily go through that and remove the need for drilling.
  7. Subframe and differential bracket has had first primer coat (Jotamastic 87). This will go matt when dry. Hopefully I'll get time tomorrow for a second coat. Then will leave to cure for 3 weeks and then 2 coats of Interthane 990. That'll give a gloss finish. Original bushes are in good condition so they are remaining. Feel like I'm making progress now. Just all the suspension arms to strip, paint, rebush. Then the diff. And the half shafts. And the chassis..... Jesus. Not as much progress as I thought!
  8. Just a little update. Rear subframe prepped and treated today. Will get first coat of Jotun 87 tomorrow on it. Hopefully get chance to put a second coat on before heading off to work. Decided to stick with the OEM subframe bushes. Have done a thorough inspection of them and they are still in usable condition. Especially considering the limited mileage the car will get going forward. All my new bushes for everything else should arrive whilst I'm away at work. I'll strip and paint the arms whilst I'm at work so I can throw it all back together when I get back. Also started to re
  9. And this one in particular. I've not read through it further than first few posts skim read. Looks like you fitted Mustang discs
  10. https://www.300zx.co.uk/forums/topic/89260-j1mmytt-300zx-journal/
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Anyone have a pair of OEM rear drop links in good condition available for sale? I need the bar and the nuts. Bushes and washers condition doesn't matter. I know I can get new from states, but trying to avoid yet another CZP order. Thanks.


  12. Bit of a boring update. Subframe is out and almost fully stripped down. Diff looks bad, but it's just years of underseal on top of surface corrosion creating an onion effect. It should clean up fine. Bushes are in surprisingly OK shape for the most part. But I'll be replacing them all anyway.
  13. Are there any OEM style bushes available for the suspension? I hate polybushes with a passion (although I am aware I will need to get them for the subframe as there is no other option). So aside from Nismo bushes and ES/Whiteline/SuperPro polybushes are there any other options? (I'm prepared to go for Nismo, but want to look and explore all the alternatives before committing.
  14. This sums up my day. Huge thanks to Bird for answering my dumb questions and being on hand with his experience.
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