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  1. 5 of the 8 are confirmed and I'll prod the others. I'm working in the middle of nowhere on the West Coast of Scotland this week and signal is sporadic but I'll do what I can.
  2. Lancaster seem to be currently top of the bunch. I'm insured thriugh Grove and Dean and they're good so far.
  3. 8 cars are registered. I don't know how many of those 8 have purchased the ticket.
  4. It's already away with the rag n bone man along with the old Halfrauds battery it had and the discs off the wife's Qashqai. No chance of it being used by anyone again! 😊
  5. Well that wasn't as easy as I hoped!
  6. Quick job this morning. OEM shifter rebuilt with OEM kit and Z1 bushings and ready for install. It's currently hammering down here so install is on hold until that stops.
  7. N addition to what's said above - JPcarparts in Japan. Allcarpartsfast in UK Z Centre in UK Rock Auto in US SpecialityZ in US There are many aftermarket options that are OEM replacements for NLA parts. Blasterzgarage in the US do a lot of the clips and seals and weather's trips. OEM running gear - lots can be refurbed (shot blasted and painted).
  8. https://www.facebook.com/10616965739/posts/10158158493115740/
  9. H3 on a JDM (Well technically H3c but you won't get them in HIDs in UK).
  10. Brave person to take that on. Looks like someone tried and failed 3 years ago.
  11. Pretty standard at the moment. All second hand cars going up in price. Had a Mate get a price from a webuyanycar equivalent. Took his car in 2 days later and they bumped his price by nearly a £1k.
  12. In the North East there's a few choices that get good recommendations (never used myself). https://www.bmodernclassics.co.uk/ http://www.derwenthaughmotors.co.uk/ http://www.rustybugworkshop.co.uk/
  13. Unfortunately not. Deadline for club stand tickets was Aug 16th. That's a hard deadline set by the organisers not by us.
  14. 4300k-5000k is the best range for hid for range vs colour. Anything 5500k or above will have some blue in it.
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