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  1. 1. Lexx (if the car is back in one piece!) 2. Tony2019 3. Kleon 4. Aff68 5. Naz27 6. Micheal Benjamin 7. 300zxsam
  2. As many as we need. As said above there isn't a definitive allocation as it's still 6 months away.
  3. 1. Lexx (if the car is back in one piece!) 2. Tony2019 3. Kleon 4. Aff68
  4. How do you mean? As we only announced this today I don't have a clue how many 300s plan on being there on the stand. Currently there's almost 40 x Z33s on the stand. As it is 6 months away the stand size can be increased as numbers dictate.
  5. 1. Lexx (if the car is back in one piece!) 2. Tony2019
  6. The club is pleased to announce we will be having a shared stand with 350z-uk at Japfest Silverstone. It's early days in booking. And as this show has been re arranged twice already we are still working out some details. So for now, could you please register your interest to attend (Z31 and Z32 cars only) below so I can get a feeling for numbers. Information on ticket purchasing and if there will be any track time available will come in a few months. Track time may not be possible due to it already been fully booked by persons who had planned to attend either last year or in
  7. I have a heap of images saved of exhausts showing what I think is a perfect fitment position (identical to where you are placing yours) ready to show AAS exhausts later in the year when it goes to them for a custom set up. Liking the shape of yours, bit like the B&B ones. I'll be going round double twins I think.
  8. What diameter is the front OEM Sway bar on a JDM LWB? I'm away from home so can't measure it to buy the correct bushes. I thought 26.5mm, but I've read various conflicting information.
  9. KCA336 give 0.5° adjustment +/-. I wonder if the additional bit offers more.
  10. The OEM fucas with adjustable whiteline bushes is the way I'm going. Just finishing up painting the arms and waiting on KCA336 being delivered. Can you clarify something for me though - I though only the KCA336 kit would be needed? What's the reason for the KCA348 kit too?
  11. Me. Bought them about 30 seconds after Luke put the ad up on FB!
  12. BlasterZ ones are sold as for 2+0 or 2+2. With a price difference between the 2.
  13. It's the most milage any part of my Zed has done since I bought it 😂
  14. There are bits of my Zed on the boat and we went for a trip to Montrose and back to berth a ship. Does that count?
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