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  1. It belongs to the guy doing the work - Ali Muhammed. At last count he has 2 x Z32 and 2 x Z33
  2. More pictures of rust and then not rust. Ali is making steady progress with the welding. Going to get both wings sprayed after this as there's a few micro blisters I've decided to get sorted now rather than wait.
  3. Display ramps where an option I considered. Bit too big for my purposes unfortunately.
  4. Update time. Both sills are done and now in primer. Drivers side was worse, and had had a very crude repair done to it in the past on the outer sill without tackling the inner sill issues. Quarters have just been started on. I'll be hopefully getting the car back in about 5 weeks. So my attention is focused on what's next on the DIY list. New centre prop bearing rcvd and will be fitted. I've got used OEM tension rods and brackets which I'm currently cleaning and painting and will be fitting Nismo bushes into. I née to drop the exhaust again and get the car as high in th
  5. That tread is very similar to Bridgestone Potenza RE040 which were on the 2000 model R34 GTRs. Edit : Bridgestone Potenza REO10 would be then I think.
  6. He wants the actual brand/product that was fitted to the car when it left Nissan factory.
  7. You could trawl the earliest posts of the club for posts relating to 99 spec - particularly for those who imported one in the early days. You might find an image or be able to PM them. My 99 spec was imported in 2002 so there's a high chance it was on its original tyres (I don't have any images from then). So it could be possible to find the info that way.
  8. Bird has a Zspec one fitted. I believe he was part of the first batch of RHD ones delivered to the UK. Vague recollection of him saying that fit and quality were both good.
  9. Drivers side is worse, but not significantly so. Caught it in time before it got really bad.
  10. The Torqen kit is the CZP kit. Adrian who runs Torqen is related to the CZP owner and sources most of the Z32 bits he sells from him. It's only on the website because I asked Adrian for a price on a 120k kit last year.
  11. Welcome. You'll be better asking on 300zxclub.com as that's the US club. Or TT.net. This site is UK based, and whilst folk will be able to offer you some of the advice you need, the US forums will be better for putting a JDM engine into a USDM car.
  12. Little jaunt out this morning. When I see her next she'll have a clean MOT! Hopefully.
  13. My opinion is that it'll be a long while before price differences in Version S and R become big enough that it influences what you buy now. Recaro seats can still be found in Japan (like rocking horse crap, but they're there) and can be fitted to a Version S. It'd be a damn sight easier than fitting digital climate to a manual climate car I would think.
  14. View Advert Fuel filler hose cover Does anyone happen to have a good condition fuel filler hose cover thingy lying around that they would part with? Mine is a little worse for wear and beyond saving. Advertiser Lexx Date 01/05/21 Price Category Parts - Wanted  
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