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  1. New scuttle trim and retaining clips fitted yesterday. For anyone buying new clips - beware that the Zspec rectangle ones are a pain. The screw has a very very tight tolerance into the socket fitting and is very easy to strip. New wipers also fitted. Which is handy as I only got the car this far out of its hiding place when the rain turned biblical.
  2. Get a custom made one. 100s of places in the UK do it. You'll get the exact look and sound you want and it'll be cheaper than buying new. Aside from the ones Zcentre sells in the UK, there's now only a few choices of new exhausts available and they're in the US. Most Japanese manufacturers have moved on and no longer make them. B&B are still available in the US, but I believe Stillen and Labree have both stopped making theirs.
  3. Failed ones sell for pennies on ebay and the like. You could make a small profit but buying, repairing, then offering an exchange basis for members. Not everyone is happy opening and soldering. 👍
  4. The HIDs that had been fitted to the car were quite a high Kelvin rating. Probs around 6200K. I was never happy with that so got a new set a few months back and was finally able to fit them today. Camera doesn't do it justice as it always picks out blue hues, but they are a very clear white (4800K). Also managed to get the ballasts tucked away under the nose panel. In the pics below the passenger side is new set and drivers still has old. Cleaned up some of the bay with degrease and fitted a few more stainless nuts and bolts. Discovered what I think is the start of lifter tick from the drivers side. Something to add to the "Jimmer list".
  5. This is on my list to sort on my car. It's had it from factory but a previous owner removed bits and bobs of it. I've sourced a controller but need to hunt down some fobs. And then deal with the bast******d wiring on a botched alarm install by a previous owner.
  6. Speedo thing can also be a poorly shielded KPH-MPH convertor. My last Zed suffered from it regularly until I replaced it. Current one is fine. Welcome btw.
  7. The surround is available new from Nissan (via usual places).
  8. I hope today goes well. Sorry I can't be there, I'll be thinking of you as I Bob around the North Sea. Thanks again to Andrew for the organisation on the day!
  9. As of today we do. I assume Ian just registered past few days. I'll send you the updated list now.
  10. Their email: events@timeattack.co.uk I'd do it for you but I'm on the boat so web access is sketchy.
  11. Hi Ian, You're on the list for the stand (I hadn't checked in a few days so I assume you just registered for the stand recently?). If you send them an email they should be able to sort it. Your name and car reg number is on their registered list.
  12. For info I'm not able to attend on the day due to work commitments. Andrew has very kindly agreed to be the main club rep on the day 👍
  13. 5 of the 8 are confirmed and I'll prod the others. I'm working in the middle of nowhere on the West Coast of Scotland this week and signal is sporadic but I'll do what I can.
  14. Lancaster seem to be currently top of the bunch. I'm insured thriugh Grove and Dean and they're good so far.
  15. 8 cars are registered. I don't know how many of those 8 have purchased the ticket.
  16. It's already away with the rag n bone man along with the old Halfrauds battery it had and the discs off the wife's Qashqai. No chance of it being used by anyone again! 😊
  17. Well that wasn't as easy as I hoped!
  18. Quick job this morning. OEM shifter rebuilt with OEM kit and Z1 bushings and ready for install. It's currently hammering down here so install is on hold until that stops.
  19. N addition to what's said above - JPcarparts in Japan. Allcarpartsfast in UK Z Centre in UK Rock Auto in US SpecialityZ in US There are many aftermarket options that are OEM replacements for NLA parts. Blasterzgarage in the US do a lot of the clips and seals and weather's trips. OEM running gear - lots can be refurbed (shot blasted and painted).
  20. https://www.facebook.com/10616965739/posts/10158158493115740/
  21. H3 on a JDM (Well technically H3c but you won't get them in HIDs in UK).
  22. Brave person to take that on. Looks like someone tried and failed 3 years ago.
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