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  1. I never said or suggested that you invented the details of the sale or the defect. Actually, I was taking what you had said as fact. Just seems odd that a supposed used car dealer wouldn't know that when dealing with cars that are 30 years old if you leave them standing something might go wrong.
  2. As someone who values genuine enthusiasm and the communities that contain it, when I see the market being manipulated by people purely for financial gain and to screw over said enthusiasts and communities, I think that sucks. If you don't value these things, then I guess you won't understand my position.
  3. Sorry am I missing something here? By "Jim" I presume you are referring to the member jimmer, whose post states that the seller had contacted because there was something wrong with the car that was present before the seller had collected it. Yet the eBay listing makes no mention of this, and, in fact states "Just had a cambelt service at Nissan Drives beautifully". Am I the only one who is seeing this? If this "buyer" actually exists then I feel sorry for them.
  4. If the car has been sold why is the eBay listing still active, and why is the listing on CarAndClassic still active?
  5. The "retro" Japanese car market is a bubble that will inevitably burst. More than likely the prices are being manipulated in an attempt to screw actual enthusiasts out of their hard earned money. You have to ask yourself who has been buying the thousands and thousands of 90's Japanese sports cars that have been sold over the past decade or so since the bubble started. They certainly aren't being bought by genuine enthusiasts as they have been totally priced out of the market at this point. The other thing to consider is that many of these makes/models from the 90's are not that rare/exclusive. Just look at Skylines, Nissan made absolutely thousands of them over the years and many still exist today, but the prices are ridiculous. Remember back to what happened with coin collecting in the late 1980's, insane prices being fuelled by market manipulation, and once the market crashed the prices never recovered to anything close to what they were at their peak even to this day. However I still fear that many genuine enthusiasts have been conned along the way, which is sad.
  6. Did you notice that on the seller's website the vehicle actually shows as being sold? What do you think the reason is for that?
  7. Makes sense, if you can't shift something, put the price up.
  8. So you are resorting to trolling as the foundation for you argument? I would say I expected better from a committee member of this club, but the way it has gone downhill over recent years I am not surprised at all.
  9. Again, the fact that the cars are still for sale after all this time proves my point a thousand times over. I don't understand why you are still confused by this, it's very simple.
  10. Post as many unrelated examples as you like. The cars are still for sale and have been for ages. That's my point. Do I need to repeat it for a third time?
  11. That's been up for sale for months, just like the black 1994 at HJA. You'd think the idiots that runs these businesses would learn, but no. They are just chancing it that they can fuck someone by charging double what it's worth.
  12. Hi, I have emailed you twice and I have not had a response, are you receiving my emails?
  13. When I click the message box another box pops up and says I can't send messages?
  14. Not sure if I am just being dense, but how do you message other members on the forum? More specifically admins/moderators? Are they able to accept messages? Thanks!
  15. How deep are your pockets? I was looking for the same thing 12 months ago and I couldn't get anything for less than £30,000. I expect prices have gone up even further since then.
  16. An actual thought out response? A legitimate counter addressing the things I mentioned? I don't want to see another group of people get fisted in the ass by "investors" who have absolutely no interest in making the business of running a Formula One team an ongoing concern. It's happened plenty of times before, and i really hope it doesn't happen again, but people just can't be trusted anymore. You called me an arm chair expert, but unfortunately in this day and age, cynicism is the same thing as experience. When you think the worst about people, more often than not you are right.
  17. That's your response? That's literally all you could come up with? Well played.
  18. I would get out whilst you can then. Sounds like you now have a corrupt group of business executives that will run the team into the ground whilst putting money in their own pockets. But if "Pippa Middletons husband" is in charge then that must be good right? That's one of the most nauseating things I've ever read.
  19. That article is complete bullshit, Let's go through it one by one, shall we? 9 - Acura NSX - if you want to make a comparison price is the most important thing, The base price for the NSX is somewhere in the region of $160,000. The Corvette C8 base price is around $60,000. Completely pointless comparion. The xxxxxxx NSX costs at least $100,000 more. 8 - Nissan GT-R Track Edition - again, this version of the GT-R has a base price of nearly $150,000, more than twice that of the C8, 7 - Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition - the standard LFA has a base price of $375,000, yet again, a completely pointless comparison. 6 - Nissan GT-R R35 - this is probably the only car that should be one the list, however the base price is still nearly $115,000, almost twice that of the C8. 5 - Nissan R390 GT1 - you are xxxxxxx kidding me right? Why not throw the Toyota GT-One TS020 in while we're at it. 4 - Aspark Owl - who the xxxx knows that the price of that will be, but I can tell you it won't be $60,000. 3 - GT-R Z-Tune - now we are into the realm of special edition cars that couldn't be bought at a dealership. No idea what the price of this would have been at the time, but again, probably wasn't anywhere near $60,000. 2 - Nissan GT-R Nismo - base price is more than $200,000, are you noticing a pattern yet? 1 - Jun Auto Nissan 300ZX - this is a one of a kind tuning car. You can't go down to a dealership and buy one. xxxx the idiot that made this list. Nothing but click-bait for xxxxxxx teenagers and twenty-somethings whose only experience of sports cars is GTA V Online. Any actual car enthusiast would take one look at this article and say; "Wow, the xxxx that wrote this must be the dumbest xxxxxxxxxxxx on the planet".
  20. I didn't realise insurance companies accepted "something someone said on the internet" as a proof of value. I personally would have it valued properly, you don't want any problems later on down the line.
  21. Do insurance companies allow valuations from owners clubs? All agreed value policies I have had are conducted by the insurance company in house or outsourced to another company. I doubt they would accept a valuation from an owners club because of fraud.
  22. The lay-offs are necessary to help pay Ricciardo's salaryt, not a result of Covid-19.
  23. Are they still trading currently?
  24. Does anyone have any contact details for said company?
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