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  1. They have grip control which is more than enough for normal road use, if you really need a proper 4x4 you would not by a Land Rover unless its a Defender of course
  2. BMW do that to drown out the noise of all the bits falling off it. The warranty claims we go through with our used car operation is getting beyond a joke. Peugeot make a good car these days, the 3008 is a great car. Shits all over anything Land Rover can put out too. Also they are reliable https://www.motoringresearch.com/car-news/jd-power-uk-vehicle-dependability-2019/ finishing at the top of the JD Power survey for dependability. A lot of the German manufacturers perform abysmally and unsurprisingly BMW are in last place.
  3. JeffTT and his 'I live in Portugal' posts :devil:
  4. Should stay as FunkySi, it won't be the same otherwise.
  5. To be honest you sound like the type of punter any experienced car salesperson would run a mile from :D
  6. I call them something else but in this PC world we live in ill keep it to myself haha
  7. I used to daily drive my two first 300zx's, both TT manuals. There was always issues to be honest from the viscous fan coupling coming off at 60mph, water on the MAF making the car un drive able, propshaft wobble, electrical issues. Was good fun though. Don't go buying one thinking that they will blow past a Montune Fiesta ST because they won't. Buy on condition, I would personally get one yourself from Japan or better still use the chap that Simon mentioned. I can't recommend Gazwoz from what I have seen go down here in the past year with dodgy Zeds. I still love the look of th
  8. I've still got a club trophy that my previous car won, the silver slicktop that I put the N300 SWB plate on.
  9. No offence to anyone intended but if you are just talking about the forum itself...its costs pennies to host regardless how big the database is. You don't need 11k in the bank to keep a forum running.
  10. 6 seconds for the TT stock I believe, its through the gears they wake up though
  11. They beat a team of farmers 6-1, narrowly beat Tunisia in the dying seconds, lost to Belgium's B team, drew with Columbia without their star player, beat Sweden who are absolutely dreadful... Lost to Croatia because they are a far superior team. As I expected really, had they met harder teams they would have been out ages ago! The fact that they got to the Semi Final really flattered them. Wales did the same in the Euros but we did beat teams that were supposed to be better than us! So yeah I don't agree with the heroes label, they performed as I expected against the teams
  12. He is basically just doing what any one of us can do, buying blind, hiring a shipping company, getting it over and then paying an ordinary garage to give the car a once over. While charging top end retail money for it. No offence to the committee but is this guy even a business that pays rates and VAT etc? The alarms bells should have rung when that Z turned up with the scratched off chassis number
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