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  1. So since Zed ownership I’ve bought a house, had 2 wonderful kids and passed my motorcycle test. My taste in bikes is a bit like my taste in cars. I own a couple of ‘appreciating classics’. Also had a brief flirtation with a Porsche Boxster but lack of parking and 2 seats meant it had to go. Still miss my Zed but heard a whisper it might be making a comeback this year ? See a few names I still recognise and great cars. A bit shocked to see Si sold up but nothing last forever. Hope you guys are all well ??
  2. Outstanding Howard. Glad I logged back in just to see this. Love it!
  3. I am a genuine fan of the tweed. If it's in immaculate condition (as mine was), it looks great. I much prefer it to leather.
  4. What about James Martin the chef. He is very much a petrolhead and owns/has owned some astounding cars and has loads of presenting experience. Paul Hollywood might be another contender, did a great one off show about Aston Martin for the BBC.
  5. I'm 40. Not sure if that makes me 'an older person' or not? I know I feel old
  6. And I like him, think he and Chris are more than up to the job.
  7. This would make a lot more sense if you were seeking facts from satisfied customers. I'm well aware the written word can be misinterpreted but from where I am it looks like this thread is all about controversy. Surely for there to be balance you'd ask for both good and bad? Or better still good only, as nobody that has received a poor service will recommend anyhow. So take your pick from recommendations if this thread is really about you seeking a reliable and trustworthy mapper for your car. Out of interest when will you be needing the remap? Anytime soon?
  8. Car is right up my street, unfortunately the timing isn't.
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