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  1. There’s always been an element of that, the cars share so much that it’s always reflected on the cost of parts. The cost of parts for Z32s have always been excessive for what is a non premium brand, compare what parts cost for say fords of a similar vintage or American cars. You could rebuild a whole Golf for the cost of a set of Z32 exterior trims and the Golf would be worth more. As an example Temp sensor for a z32 £28 for a mk2 golf £6. Admittedly It could be worse, Porsche parts are quite expensive but then it’s a bloody Porsche not the same company that brought you the Micra and the Bluebird. I think the rise in price to a certain point is good because it makes it more justifiable to actually spend money on them. There was a time not that long ago that a 60k service, especially if you had to pay for labour, would make a Z32 an uneconomical repair. It’s now actually worthwhile to look after the damn things.
  2. I dunno if you’ve looked recently or wether it’s a bit cheaper your side of the South but you would need to add £150k onto that for a house, let alone one with a garage.
  3. For reference it’s 630mm from the floor to the arch centre (highest point) on all four corners of mine. As a side note, be aware that the bodies on z32s are not quite as straight as you might expect, most of my fitment issue surrounded one rear arch being tighter than the other by a few mm. This is a common issue with many 90s Nissans it would appear.
  4. For reference my cars about the same ride height as yours, touch lower at the back I recon. My Set up is; Front 18x8j et 20 with 225/40r18 Rear 18x9j et 20 with 265/35r18 The front is fine, it will occasionally scrub the liner, especially if there’s more than me in the car. The rear I’ve had nightmares with and I’ve had to roll the arches and tuck the tabs to get them to fit. If they were 10mm less aggressive I wouldn’t of had half the problem.
  5. Pretty sure all of that S14 200sx stuff fits, available from Euro Car Parts etc. You’ll have to check.
  6. It sold out pretty fast I believe. All the Simply events are selling out unfortunately.
  7. Do check but I believe numbers are limited due to COVID and it’s sold out.
  8. That’s got a real nasty sound about it, a mean animal even at idle.
  9. Had mine out last weekend, targas off and enjoying the sun.
  10. I think I need to discuss these with you. Been after a set for a while.
  11. Cheers we’ve been chatting about the logistics of the 266 mile gap between us .😁
  12. Can’t message you it appears. Gimme a text on 07368 695505
  13. I can’t find it. Il send you a message, I’ve got pictures etc.
  14. I’m in East Dorset, it’s actually a fully split long block. There’s an advert running for it in the classifieds. I’ve got it up for £300 but I’m willing to reduce that, it was just a guess at value. Very open to discussion on the price front, need it out the way. Probably the best thing is to call me if your interested and I can explain it.
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