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  1. So after a very long, dry, safe and cosy sleep since the beginning of this global pandemic she’s waiting for an MOT.
  2. You maybe be able to find some later style ones, as fitted to Skylines. They require an adapter kit but then you’ll need that for your 740s. Ive a set in my garage that I meant to fit but in honesty probably won’t get round to.
  3. Very, very few manual turbo cars seem to be coming about. In road worthy condition you’ve gotta be talking £7k now. In presentable condition/clean 15k. Then a good quality/show car upto 30k. Im carefully watching the market and getting a little uncomfortable...
  4. Dual 3” exhaust system, concerned about road noise from tyres... :lol:
  5. There’s no easy way to do it. You may find access easier by removing the coolant lines but whatever you do it’s a knuckle splitting bad day out.
  6. Didn’t UKs come with 28s, someone may have done an “upgrade”.
  7. Take your word for it Nick, mine had the early (being an 89) hydraulic system.
  8. Personally I felt it felt like an old leaf sprung car, how the body weight shifts over the spring on the horizontal before the back goes out. Very disconcerting.
  9. Do you like how the HICAS system feels/drives? The reason why so many deleted this system, not just from the Z32 but the R chassis models it was also fitted to, it wasn’t about drifting.
  10. Why don’t you just redrill the bolt hole.
  11. I’ve actually removed my HIDs, for the amount of time I drive the thing and the even lower amount of time that that is at a time where head lights are required I can’t be bothered with the are they aren’t they road legal nonsense.
  12. Shouldn’t have any issues with it starting in the cold. Gary lots of NI plates in the rest of the U.K., often referred to as “dateless” plates. Put it on Range Rover and your neighbour won’t know it’s 10 years old, if that sort of thing appeals to your insecurities ?
  13. I don’t work on white goods for a living but it’s not too far out my day job. I’ve fixed a few things over the years as they break at home. I always find myself taking them apart and thinking they’re badly designed. When the utility room fridge (kept bait and bulk stuff in it) went pop on the breaker one evening I isolated it and had a look. It turned out that the condenser has a drip tray on top that the condensation leaks onto, the idea being the heat of it evaporates the water. Now condensate is corrosive and the evaporation dish is steel, you can now guess why it had tripped out. I assu
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