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  1. Welcome to the club you obviously got the right colour zed black is the best so well done....where are you in the north west mate ?
  2. gray

    Impul kit

    Time Left: 18 days and 19 hours

    • For Sale
    • Used

    This is as far as I’m aware an impul body kit with different front bumper not sure of the type,all in good condition doors are like new this kit will need painting the fillers for the side skirts are on the doors so I’m selling as a complete kit i am not splitting any of it Buyer must collect


  3. Is he selling that Ford mondeo and buying another Datsun ??? I think not lol
  4. Time Left: 15 days and 2 hours

    • For Sale
    • New

    This was recovered by none other than simon Lee it was done tastefully as OEM never fitted and not needed open to offers (delivery will be extra)


  5. Time Left: 15 days and 2 hours

    • For Sale
    • Used

    Competition clutch and flywheel barley done 600 miles only removed as bought brand new gearbox and new clutch as running big power open to offers delivery extra Now sold


  6. Seen your car around near MW performance ltd...i always drive past there now and again to look at those supercharged VXR,s always has a soft spot for them
  7. If you email me I’ll send you more pictures grahamglassbrook@hotmail.com
  8. Hi and welcome back bud as the lads have said the impul belongs to me and I’ve had the car nearly 5 years and its well known and its the best colour and has the best set off wheels you can get on a zed ...lol...all you need to do is ask the guru god Jimmer about this impul as he has just done a major service on the car if you would like too view it just contact me....Simon at Hide and seat done the seats just ask anyone about his work as its second too none
  9. Been along time since I've seen that zed probably 10 years but it was immaculate last time I seen it
  10. Hi vin yours was the first wide boded zed I’d seen in the flesh......and what a zed it was/is That was probably 10 or 12 years ago mate hows things and hows the zed ?
  11. Took the old girl out for a quick run before putting her away for a couple of weeks while we are away......all I can say is WOW!! Ever time I squirt that throttle and release all them torques it's fantastic...I can't tell you how well jimmer has built this missile thank you jimmer it's contagious :tt1:
  12. QUOTE=coopd;1993686]So, I picked up a new petrol tank up from Gray on Saturday. Thanks again for that Graham! Glad I could help Dave great job you have done and will last years now matey
  13. Nice one Trish will be good Tom see you about
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