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  1. Im in Haywards heath buddy, no cant say i know the guy!
  2. Hey guys, i already posted a couple of months ago (had a few problems with a dodgy Z i bought). but just here to say hi!
  3. Yeah, two red zeds in haywards! pretty unlikely
  4. Yes mate, was me. Hope the car wasn't looking too dirty :sad: !!
  5. Tried to get under the wood, but unfortunately one of the screw heads is so worn i cant get it undone. Phoned nissan to ask about a datascan/consult session, but they wanted £50 before they'd even plug in. been told a way to reset the ECU, so gonna try that next
  6. Thats great mate, but im not quite sure how, i dont have datascan or anything, i just bought the car in good faith from a dealer called crest cars in high wycombe. im probably just going to take the car back to be honest because if it does have seized turbos then the dealer has lied through his teeth to me, he assured me that everything was as it should be!
  7. ah well thats a bit of a bummer, thanks for the help though, i have also been told that the ecu may have gone into emergency boost mode due to error codes being logged. chances are i have been misinformed ......... again
  8. I just bought a 1993 300zx tt auto, and the turbo gauge says its not boosting above 0psi. i have been told by a fairly reliable source that i need a new mass air flow sensor, is this true? or what else could this be?
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