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  1. Hi Richard Will definitely look at doing the show next year , its been mental , trying to get the car finished and work commitments , its know away for the winter , hopefully see at this years show Phil
  2. Thanks mate ,its been a long road
  3. Hi guys just thought I would share photos of My Nissan 300zx Fairlady , it has been an 11 year project , which is pretty much complete , I think it was worth it. Please let me know what you think , i have posted a link to the video as well Phil
  4. Hi Guys

    Just thought I would share this with you , the 11 year project is pretty much complete , fair to say it was worth it.

    Let me know what you think 



    I tried to attach the file , but obviously to big a file

  5. 😂 car going for full detail at the end of the month , will post pictures when it arrives back , lets hope its not raining
  6. Sorry guys , you can probably tell ,don't do a lot of social media 🙃
  7. Hi Mate My car lives in a car Indoor Veloce Carcoon , worth a look
  8. Yes mate ,its been a lot of time and effort and was waiting for the right person to finish the car (Jim @ power Z) really knows his stuff and does it right , Luke @ the Z centre had a lot of input as well , but its be worth the time and effort
  9. Thanks mate , a lot of time and effort 👍
  10. All the gauges in the car have been replace by Luke at the z centre , centre pod is the triple dash pod and all gauges have been changed to digital ,looks good especially when you start the car
  11. Thanks ,yes defo ,hopefully in the future
  12. Yes mate , basically anything that could be changed ,has been changed ,all new seals on pretty much everything ,new belts , engine bay skins fitted , the list goes on.
  13. To be fair mate , I have only driven the car twice in 11 years , I was waiting till the car was right , I know intend to drive it more know ,just waiting for V5 to come back ,so I can tax it , lost the thing in move , the car normally lives in a car cocoon, cant wait to start showing the car to other enthusiasts
  14. Were do I start , car has a lot of history , featured in Auto car October 1999 , its a fair lady import , i am the 2nd owner since it arrived in the uk , the work the car has had done is endless , I will list and upload more images when the car comes back from the detailers , its going for a full detail , wheels , callipers ,etc. some of the work was done by luke at the Z centre , but its fair to say it needed Jim's expertise to finish the car, 2 new Garrett turbos as well as other works to make sure the car was right , because i wouldn't show it until it was right , i will do a full history of the car at some stage ,with images etc , including the 8pot front brake set up and the 4 pot rear brake set up , all suspension and steering changed the list goes on regards Phil
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