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  1. The remains of my 4th and final slicktop were loaded up and shipped out on Friday last week. It's been a blast but time to move on............
  2. There is no cable its an electronic speed sensor in the gearbox .
  3. Cheers Andy. I have two pass side switches with arrows complete and a drivers side too. I will get them all up for sale when I get time.
  4. Time to dig up an oldish thread as Jakai suggested.......!! Is it rare?? Or just "uncommon"???
  5. I have some available. £20 collected. £2.50 extra for recorded delivery UK only. Whatsapp me on 07778 411568 to arrange.
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • Used

    Full set of Stillen bars and fitting kit. Removed from my car and re finished in grey hammerite. Look on the Stillen website for full details. One of the best suspension mods available IMO Fits all Z32 variants.. Preference on sale given in this order. 1. Cash n collect straight away. 2. Pay now collect later. 3. Arrange courier at your cost and risk.. These are heavy and difficult to wrap. So this is my least preferred option Also on Facebook 300ZX selling pages. Price not negotiable unless they are still unsold at end of August. Call or whatsapp me on 07778 411568


  7. Agreed. Awesome stopping power on track too. High boiling point fluid and trackday pads. Used mine for several years with this set up. Just sold them almost instantly. Getting harder to find these days.
  8. Do you still have the 300zx workshop manuals?

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    2. Infoschumi


      What is your Paypal address?Do you mind if I use Parcel Hero to arrange a pick up of the package?

    3. Infoschumi


      I will pay for shipping and everything.I am from Romania and since I guess you're not willing to send them here I am using Parcel Hero.The only thing you need to do is to print and stick the shipping label to the package for me...

    4. A 2X OK

      A 2X OK

      I bought them from Slickpete, sorry, they are not for sale, good luck with your search 

      Cheers Peter 

  9. This club has always had a diverse range of opinions as to which is the best car in the range. Long may that diversity and discussion continue.
  10. I personally hate targas sunroofs and convertibles in any make. Always have done and always will. They are all the work of the devil. Tintops rule for me. Im going to miss my slicktops (had 4) but I have moved on.
  11. It is very common in the USA. hundreds of them still exist.. A good few here too. Ifti has three. Bob Dion still has his. James Morgan too I think. Mike Sandford sold his drift version but its still being used and others....
  12. No problem. They are available new from Nissan but are around £168 . Secnd hand ones becme more brittle with age and eventually get a red tint on them hence they are haed to locate in good used condition.
  13. I have a tailgate but its in Nottingham. Collect only.
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