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  1. haha you will catch the bug! The next time it move it will have a supercharger on it ;)
  2. haha you looking for a v8? if so id sack off the SWB prop for now ;) you'll only be chopping it up! Looking forward to pics bro have fun because i did.
  3. Yeah keep your mitts of the evo 9 seats! Ive got some datsun b110 seats if you want them??
  4. yeah 59 bhp just doesnt skin it for me.
  5. ...ive just bought a new car and its interior sucks... ..ahem
  6. Haha aint they all expensive?? I agree with you on the usability and realiability side as id like to use this a lot, leaving the zed for the weekends. Yeah they aint too cheap though, fair cool on ITBs too!
  7. Its a b110 bud or a 1200gx coupe. Yeah the vg is out of the question its too heavy, and yes it must be jap and preferably nissan. Sr20det is the best so far but if i went away from nissan it would probably be the beams engine for the altezza 3sge engine. All suggestions are welcome ;) I do plan to use another standalone ecu as there functionailty is awesome especially without a maf!
  8. Thanks bud, the zed was my first project so id hope this will be to a higher standard, but who knows.
  9. haha it was suposed to be swa-nky but turns out it doesnt like the word **** .. haha **** **** ****
  10. Honestly im not sure what ill drop in yet, i wanted an rb25de, or maybe sr20det. But i have been thinking about the vg30de
  11. Welding the underside, brakes and some trivial stuff. However i plan to gut it, change the power plant and make it look super s****y
  12. bodymech (boldy) recently had mine done there....the works!
  13. Thats cool, good to know like you i want some growing room also. Dont mind going for the Puck clutch either.
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