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  1. cheers for the reply :-). the grey plug doesnt seem to have any connectors on it?? and it certainly dont match to anything on the rear of the airbag unit. im not going to get any time to go to a scrappy when its open before the MOT is up :-( the bmw OC doesn't seem to offer much guidance either :-( anyone got any ideas? ive allready had to replace the NSF wishbone, TRE and ball joint because it had been smacked, when i was told it was just a tracking issue. im starting to wish ide never bought it really, but i guess its my fault for not having a good look underneath myself. but if i cant
  2. heres the pictures of what i can see any help would be greatly appreciated :-) i have posted on the bmw OC aswell, but i dont know how helpfull they will be lol
  3. cheers for the reply, thats what i was looking for, either contact rings or a ribbon, but i cant seem to see anything unless im being a right div. which is highly likely. ill get some pics up in the morning.
  4. hey guys hows it going? i was wondering if anyone can help me with a problem im having with my e36 320i. im trying to get the car through the MOT, but the airbag light is on and the horn dosn't work either. when i tried to take the steering wheel off to start the investigation, the middle of the steering wheel (airbag unit) just fell out! this was just because it hadnt been screwed in by the look of it. now im pretty certain its the wrong steering wheel for the car, as the lobes that activate the self cancelling turn indicator are no where near the tab that cancels the indicator. so i though
  5. cheers for the kind words guys :-) think i may have got some things sorted after a very kind offer from my boss :-) hopefully things will get better soon :-)
  6. hey guys! how is everyone? hope your all well. i just wanted to say im really sorry ive not been around at all lately. i think this is the first time ive even logged on in ages :-( in short, my head has gone! and not the one on the car lol. im crippled with debt and working all the hours in the day, either at work or trting to catch up with stuff at home, and it just all got too much :-( i couldent socialise with anyone or even think about the zed as it just upset me too much as there just seems way too much for me to do even before i start thinking of getting the zed back on
  7. that would be great! if you could do £50 delivered to LL165TA ill take it, just about in my budget at the moment lol, please let me know and ill paypal the funds :-) many thanks, and cheers again pete for your input :-)
  8. how much would you want for it pal?
  9. cheers pete! is it a nightmare of a job to do? anything i should look out for / be extra careful with? thanks again
  10. hey guys. does anyone knoe the cheapest place i can get a clutch for a TT? mine has been slipping for a while, but i put my foot down today and went nowhere, the revs just flew up lol, and there was a clutchy smell lol. im really on skint street at the moment and still having to use the zed as a daily to get to work etc. so if anyone can point me in the direstion of a very cheap clutch i would be most appreciative. the car has no crazy mods and was only running 270bhp last check, so any clutch would do i guess. thanks in advance :-)
  11. same here :-( front fogs on when its not foggy is a deffinate pull and fine by the rozzers
  12. no results for 'oil' for me? what did i do wrong there?
  13. this will divide the masses lol. no benefit, but they sound amazing!!! lol. deffo fit 2 if your going to do it
  14. awww, sorry pal, i can not come if it makes it any better lol!
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