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  1. Hey you!

    I lost your number. Text me if you still have mine. I assume your.in the house now??

  2. Hi mate. Interested In your car.

    Havent logged in for a while and trying to get my head around the new website layout.

  3. Yeah but I'm past all the photo bucket stuff so don't know how to upload them!
  4. My God, Ive had loads of bikes since posting this. Just bought a 2016 ZX10R KRT. 220 bhp they claimed with the exhaust and power commander. It's crazy fast. Had 2 S1000RRs. A load of GSXR 1000s. 3 Street triples. A Speed master. Use them daily all year.
  5. Did you buy it from the guy in Coventry or the person he sold it to?
  6. Just found this thread. We did half post a lot of nothing back in the day
  7. Just the one picture of it mate? Got any others?
  8. Cheers mate. Means a lot. I didn't do anything with the grounding kit so I'll see if I can find it!
  9. Hello. Sorry for the delay. That guy sold the car to somebody else so it didn't happen in the end. I'm quietly looking g for another but I'm in no rush. We'll see what happens. - - - Updated - - - Thanks mate, you too.
  10. Fair play. What colour you going for? Got any pictures of it now? Previous owner would love to see it.
  11. Cheers mate. Do I really want to put myself through it all again???
  12. Alright you lot? I haven't been on here as I don't really use the forums much since everything seems to be on facebook! Might have done a deal for another 300zx so I'm back! Does anybody know the car? K691 EMO Jap TT LWB It's been drift converted (hydro handbrake, bucket seats HSD coilovers etc) Haven't seen it in the flesh yet but it's not too far away from me in Coventry.
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