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  1. Hi Alex, Sorry I haven't got back to you. I received the second email on 26th (just read it) but not the first although the email address is right. I think the issue with that is the during the last forum upgrade my email wasn't brought over. I'll run it by the committee members and mods initially and get back to you mate.
  2. Hi Alex. I'm part of the sub-committee but I'm happy to take any question into the group for you. You can email me if that helps. Lee.norton@300zx.co.uk
  3. Pmsl. I meant to say a few years ago. Didn't think it was that many though. Time flies
  4. I don't believe there is. Most of our North East lads make the trip to Jimmer for your above average work. Certainly for things else engine rebuilds etc. There's Tom at FRD who is good with them as well and has fully rebuilt his from the ground up. But he's not a mobile mechanic. What's the problem you have?
  5. I also had a similar issue. My laptop died and now I can't get it to come on (win 7). I just gave up
  6. Didn't Danny post year a ago he was closing? Not sure if he was more a branch arm maybe
  7. Depends which one I had when you were last here but it won't be. My original UK spec (that had every issue issue under the sun circa 2004-2005 ish), ended up having a full rebuilt engine and I re-shelled t at the same time to a black Japcar. That was re-helled more recently to a red car which I painted black. I also have a blue wide arch these days
  8. welcome back Dipone. There' a few of us still kicking around. Good luck on your hunt or with the impul if you get it. Gray has always looked after his Z's well
  9. Alex - I've just reoved the language on this mate to save any offence to anyone etc
  10. I use the service manual app
  11. The hard lines are 8mm (OD) and the fuel vent line was 5 or 6mm (OD)
  12. Trying to replace these is a nightmare. Just wondering if anyone knows if you can get a CV joint from another car that would fit ours?
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