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  1. it's a pain, I live in the middle of the sticks so no garages local to me stock super unleaded which is unbelievable, my nearest shell garage is 20 miles away so I have to plan my days out carefully. it dosen't help that forecourt tanks are usually bigger for regular petrol and they stock far less 'super' but in the short term e10 should be fine until you can get super, its regular prolonged use that will cause issues.
  2. depending on what exactly you need you could try CZP or Z1 in the usa, or amiyama.com. keep in mind though a lot of oem parts are no longer available from nissan so aftermarket is the only way to go.
  3. So I needed a new cowl trim so I bit the bullet and bought silicone oil cooler pipes as well, would the constant tension spring clips (same as on the fuel lines) be ok on these or would I be better off using screw type clips like the originals?
  4. great thanks Andrew, I may look at the 18" wheel option first and try to get a little more rubber between the rim and tarmac, as there isn't a lot with 19s which may help, it's mainly when I hot potholes the car hits them hard.
  5. hi guys currently looking at a spring swap on my car, basically with the state of the roads where I live the ride is quite harsh with potholes etc. I'm currently running kyb excel g shocks and eibach springs, so considering going with oem springs. are tt/ na springs the same? my other option is swapping my wheels from 19's down to 18's
  6. the Volvo washer jets arrived today, popped them in along with a one way valve and they work great. replaced the washer tubing under the bonnet as well whilst I was at it. the old jets broke on removal and were full of black gunk.
  7. welcome back chunk, I'm not in a white zed anymore so no more of your fridge freezer comments 😉 speak soon buddy
  8. which washer jets is that people use on the z? I did read on an old post they were Volvo jets but the link no longer works. need to replace mine as one side on each is blocked, tried various methods of cleaning but it's not clearing them.
  9. I ordered some parts off Alyama a few weeks back had them in hand within 7 days
  10. Time Left: 21 days and 20 hours

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    hi guys would anyone have 2 of the attached clip, part number 62228-51S00, I can get them from the USA but don't fancy the postage just for 2 small clips. they are for retaining the front bumper to the metal suppler brackets, it appears mine have popped off somewhere.


  11. for anybody looking at getting a new a/c condenser I'm just going to send a t/t condenser to BHM Compak in the next few days, so it would be an ideal time to order yours.
  12. got the ai 606 on mine, the siren is located under the nose panel, however mine failed 2/3 weeks ago, the car was a non starter first time ever, turns out one of the immobiliser circuits failed. I'm now looking at fitting just an imobiliser unit once I get the ai6o6 removed.
  13. I had the battery out today to deal with some surface rust on the tray and generally clean the area around the battery, anyhow I noticed 2 rubber fuel lines, which I’m guessing have never been replaced as they are hidden with the battery in the car, they went under the a/c piping I can see the clamp on the end of one, are these replaceable with the engine in the car? I was considering replacing them and using spring clamps on refitting.
  14. cool thanks Richard, probably my best option, I don't trust z1 silicone pipes after the fiasco with the pcv kit I bought off them, they started bleeding oil after 18months because they weren't lined, so I replaced them with a set from SFS which were lined.
  15. hi guys, had the nose cone off the zed yesterday to clean the air filter, and I noticed the oil cooler lines are as hard as a rock, I'm guessing they are probably the originals so it's going to be time to change them soon, having a look around I can either replace with genuine rubber hoses or flurolined silicone, but mainly from the usa. does it really need the moulded hoses on there or can I just buy straight (flouro lined) silicone pipe and replace with that?
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