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  1. I had issues trying to run it as well, but I never got to the bottom of it, may give the link above a try
  2. I believe it was a Nissan navana, I bought some for mine a couple of years ago.
  3. hi Jeff. car has always popped from the exhaust since I bought it 10 years ago, you did the cam belt on it as it was a tooth out when I bought it so you couldn't time it properly you did the belt 2013/14, so it's a little over due but only done 10k since it was changed (will be done next year). injectors have all been replaced a few months back with later style injectors. jimmer did look at the map when the car was with him a couple of years ago, and he said there were a lot of 'red' sections on the rear part of the map which wasn't normal for a uk map, so we concluded it had a jap map chip i
  4. Ok I’ll take a look, I’m running pretty stock apart from boost controller, induction and exhaust
  5. hi guys looking at changing my ecu chip over the winter, I currently have a jap map in mine which seems to be overfilling on the over run (popping from exhaust) although the car runs ok, I want to get rid of the boy racer 'pop' I've come across turbonoz stage 1 chips, couple of questions are these any good? and they list 2 for a manual t/t one standard and one listed as a jwt, descriptions on both are exactly the same so anyone got any idea of the differences? the other option is I have my old zed currently for parts, which has a chip in I bought from a club member around 16/17 years ago, not
  6. technically the downpipes should be the same, they should match to your current exhaust on early cars, I think on later models the bolt flanges to the mid section were slightly different so worth checking that too. you should be able to do the turbo elbows as well, but it's probably easier with the car on a ramp to be fair, it's also worth spending £100 and swapping your o2 sensors at the same time.
  7. Not sure if anybody has seen this weeks show but they have finally done a z32, was quite funny though they picked up a used zorst then in later shots it had a brand new stainless system, they also let slip they fitted new suspension that they never listed in the parts bought 🤣🤣
  8. this is the injector kit I bought https://conceptzperformance.com/aus-injection-aus-injectors-early-to-late-upgrade-370cc-380cc-set-w-optional-adapter-kit-for-90-94tt-nissan-300zx-z32-10491-380-6_p_38129.php
  9. fit later style injectors, 370cc you can retain the standard Ecu chip with them. I bought a complete kit for mine including adaptors/ wiring plugs etc for around £400 from czp you will also need fuel rail lower seals and insulators. cylinder 1 will require the plenum grinding to clear the new injector plug. did mine over a weekend. just remember to lubricate all the injector seals when refitting, I used vaseline on mine but you can also use wd40.
  10. I'd only get jimmer to do cam belt, its not the sort of thing I'd trust to anyone. mines due next year.
  11. you may need to subscribe to upload pics.
  12. I would imagine your best bet will be the stock setup , as even with that it's close to the 16" wheels, why not just buy new discs and a used set of front callipers then get them refurbished.
  13. to give you an idea of how the clutch will feel without the booster, try depressing the clutch pedal without the engine running, I wouldn't want to run one without the booster.
  14. my JDM manual has the push button to release the key, but mine was manual from new. I had a uk car that I think was manual from new and that didn't have the push button.
  15. I did also think it could be compensating for the lower octane fuel in Japan, there's is 90 Ron I believe and ours is 95. I think I'll look at a suitable map, I couldn't remember my last zed popping & banging like a boy racers car.
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