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  1. Thanks mate. The pics make it look better than it actually is lol but cheers anyway!!
  2. Cheers Stu, should pop up anytime mate. Got some big projects going on in the lock up atm. It should make over 500bhp at the fly with 740cc injectors.
  3. Next step was to plumb in all the pipe work on the Greddy style intake manifold. To make this easier I removed the standard brake servo which I was planning to upgrade to a Z32 servo and BMC. But due to the size of the intake the larger Z32 servo wont fit so i will have to make do with just the Z32 BMC. This took about an hour but hopefully should be sorted! (these Greddy copies have a tendancy to leak.....) I then went to work on sorting the HKS BOV which again caused problems as space was again very tight on the intake side of the engine. I had to buth
  4. I have finally managed to get some more work done on the s14 and thought I would give this thread a long overdue update. Any thoughts, ideas comments would be well recieved as I am building this in the same workshop as three other RB conversions on S bodies and of course want mine to be the best:yes: I have clocked the turbine housing on the Greddy T67 so the oil return now faces down and the oil feed is now up in the air. I then bolted it to the manifold and measured the gap from the exhuast housing to the bulk head so I can start working on the custom down pipe. I also com
  5. The Subaru BRZ version looks better! Also it only weighs 1180kgs and pushes out 197 bhp from the 2 litre boxer 4. With today's forced induction trend you have to give them credit to sticking to the original concept.
  6. The wife has got don't tell the bride on and the groom is a bird? So more pics on the way!
  7. Went to the Top Gear Live show at the Excel on Sunday. Thought I would share some of my pics! No Zeds though:thumbdown: I pretty much snapped everything I could get a lookin on, checkout the wheels on the Challenger and see if you can guess the size?
  8. Deatschwerks injectors are more reliable than Jecs in my experiance. Only as I know of 2 sets developing problems in RB's. I will be going for 740'cc ones eventually in my s14. They are now doing uprated fuel pumps which seem to be a viable alternative to Walbro/Bosch etc. http://www.deatschwerks.com/
  9. Cheers guys glad you are all pleased with the bits and bobs! Dave keep quiet about those oversized forged pistons, I'm not gonna live that one down lol.......
  10. I've run Apex gen 2 coilovers on my s14 with no probs and for the discounted price I paid for them through the SXOC group buys you cant really fault them.......
  11. Correct the GTR runs a NA V8. Check out Sumo Powers website as they run the GTR team supported by Nismo.
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