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  1. Well by the heck, i am grateful for your knowledge, seems i am years out. I thought cellulose would have been used. Many thanks for updating me.
  2. Do you know wether the original paint is 2 pack ?orcellulose If not will it be ok mating up to original ? Don't want to have reaction to different types.
  3. Hi, just put new sill on, now looking to paint. Question, does anyone know what type of paint to use, ie acrylic or 2 pack! And if original is acrylic can I use 2 pa k on sill! Or will it react with other type of paint !
  4. Nice one, will be informative I'm sure.
  5. Thanks guys, i understand now, i like to know what's involved before dismantling.
  6. Yes, many thanks, do you happen to know when I take old one off is there a recessed part of tailgate to fit the perspex into ! Looks like old spoiler lays on top! Never seen underneath.
  7. Hi, folks, After some info if anybody can help! 1996 rear spoiler , what's needed to put one on 1992 car . ie gloss black bit under spoiler with Nissan, twin turbo decals on I presume this is part of old spoiler . And can I get bits to convert ? Help appreciated
  8. Does anyone know where this plug /socket goes to / from ? It's in passenger footwell. 2x red 1x white 1x blue White plug with yellow top.
  9. Last time looking at them I was upside down and went dizzy and eyes turned red ,face puffed up, think I will take seat out and try for level position. And yes good idea if I can find breaker with plugs will go that route long term, and link out short term . Many thanks for all your help Andrewg , where would we be without your input.
  10. Yeah, all mouldy and at least 2 pins shot.do you know if I can buy pair plugs ! Or is it new loom.
  11. Its like the one jefftt showed when doing a targa leak brief, March 17 2014. Will try to get picture soon. UK car Andrew is there a page showing the colour plug and socket on electrical diagram ? Regards
  12. Hi, Guys, does anyone know what and where the brown plug and socket in the passenger footwell goes and does! Mine is corroded and I need to do something with it. Help much appreciated.
  13. Think he is in Bristol which is too far as I am in alnwick Northumberland, After years of doing work myself on car I have no idea of current good hourly rates for garages, just don't mind paying but dont want ripping off. Many thanks though bones28
  14. I have had sump off in situ, just took off few items and slackened subframe and tilt it and sump came out ok. I did timing belt so all cover bolts are new took 3 hours start to finish I estimate about ten hours for lot . Got bad back now so was looking to get someone to do it for me, not sure what good price is !!
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