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  1. Hi all, Lee jaikai just messaged me to see how I was, cheers Lee. I haven't been on here for some years now but thought I would let the peeps I know that I am still alive. Hope everyone is well.
  2. Cheers Ian, I'm as well as can be expected for a guy that had 3 Zed's stolen from him buddy.
  3. If I can get my motor MOT'd before that date Tom, I may very well join you. I wasn't going to put a fresh MOT on it until next spring, but I'll do it now if you don't mind me joining you. Oh, and of course if you don't mind being seen with me in this: -
  4. I'm sorry about that Tom, I did my best to make the committee see what Lee Dent was doing, however when I was forced to leave my house, I had nothing but my car and my phone. I couldn't get on here as I had no internet access at the time, and it was a good few months before I got to replace everything and move into a bungalow. I have had to furnish my new house with everything I literally had nothing buddy. I must say I am surprised that Keith didn't say anything, he knew what was going on. Is Keith KJZ32 still about?
  5. And why would I need parts when I have thousands of pounds worth of parts hidden from my ex wife at home? Interesting thought.
  6. Thank you Mondo, common sense. I have never stolen anything in my life, I'm an ex paramedic, the Ambulance Service have this rule, it says they don't employ thieves. As you quite rightly state, how the hell would a guy in a wheelchair root through that bomb site, and take parts from cars without being seen? These are the lies that I have had to deal with and that lost me 3 of my cars, my wife and my family and my sanity for a little while too. I don't think anyone from L.A, Autos is capable of telling the truth. But I have now put it down to experience, I do not want another breakdown li
  7. Thank you very much Richard, it is very much appreciated. I don't know yet whether I will be sticking around or not, but I had to come on and put the record straight with the nasty things that were being written about me. Another little story I can tell in my defence. I spotted a Impul body kit on a Zed that was being broken by Banzai Breakers, I wrote and asked for a price on the whole kit. I was given a price, which for this body kit was a low price, so I accepted the deal. Banzai Breakers then realised they had made a mistake in the price quoted, but the deal had been done. Upon explai
  8. I take it this is Calum? I totally agree with your first statement, there was no car agreement made for settlement of Lees' invoice, because I paid him cash, which Lee insisted on, I now know why. What did or didn't happen in my private family life is of no concern or business of yours or anyone elses, and whist I wouldn't usually reply to things of this nature, I would love for my name to be cleared of the foul things people have got into their head about me. It cost me my marriage because Lee Dent told my wife I owed him over £2000.00, Lee made up the figures because I threat
  9. That's where people fail Tom, only hearing one side of a story, and taking what is being said is true. I will offer to back you up if you decide to go down the route of reporting this to the police though Tom, there is strength in numbers and I will help anyone who opens a case about L.A. Autos with the police. By the time I heard my cars had all been sold on, it was too late for me, but I knew in time Lee Dent would show his true colours again, unfortunately he chose you to crap on. I'm not saying you are having a go at me Tom, you heard that I didn't pay Lee Dent, this is a total f
  10. I did get the police involved as soon as I heard that my cars had been sold on Tom, unfortunately I never received any notification of any court case (ex wife never forwarded mail on), or I would have arrived at court and fought for my cars back. The police investigated, but Lee made up paperwork to say I hadn't paid, and he got away with it. I will never pay anyone cash for anything after learning this lesson the hard way. My cars had already been sold on by this point Tom, but I hadn't heard a thing about it. The matter was reported and investigated by a police officer by the name of Ha
  11. Thank you very much Jeff, I didn't think for one minute you would have had anything that nasty to say about me or any of my family. I only stopped using your services because you were winding things down, and Lee had been recommended to me. You and Jamie made us so welcome when we visited you, and you always had a good word for my children which was very much appreciated. Hope you are getting on well Jeff. Ian
  12. Do you think Ian dissappear ingredients might have had something to do with the breakdown he had following this and other things that were going on at the time Tom? How can you listen to one side of a story and come to the conclusion I am guilty? Let me see if I can answer any of your accusations. Please could you give me the name of the "other garage" that I am supposed to have done something too? Let's have everything out in the open and see where it leads. You see, I have only ever had my Zed worked on by 1 other garage, the rest was carried out by Lee Dent at L.A. Auto
  13. Lee was never going to take a Zed in payment Tony, he insisted on cash which was paid to him.
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