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  1. Hi Marty, the Map sensor is integral to the ECU, the boost will be controlled via the MAC valve, im just looking for locations that others have used to mount the MAC valve itself, its only a small thing, however.....................
  2. Afternoon all, It is now time for me to install the MAC valve to suppor tthe change across to Standalone ECU (Link), Question is, where is the reccomended / ideal location for mounting the valve itself, The vac cable and wiring is installed and passes throught the bulk head bear to the Aircon condensate drain point. Thoughts from thos who use a MAC valve please, Thanks Sayers
  3. Hi, paid via paypal, around 21:00 last night.
  4. Hi all, could you please re activate my account to Premium member status ( renewed last night ). Thanks Sayers
  5. Can anybody send me a link to enable me to download and print off a full copy of the 300 ZX TT Service Manual. Thanks Sayers
  6. sayers

    Selin V2

    not a problem, you can have both for 250 all in, postage would be extra, and if you can get two knackered MaFs then you can have my MAFs as well, nil cost, meaning the only thing you will need to buy are the two silicone elbows. If you wish to cut a deal with a gentlemans handshake, then that works for me. Let me know
  7. sayers

    Selin V2

    If you are interested I will be selling my ECU with Nistune type 2 board, along with an installed copy of Nistune and my Sellin V2, they will be available to you early 2021, if you can hold on,ill gladly work a sensible price out with you. Cheers
  8. They are in my garage, where are you based Paul ?.
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • Used

    As above for sale, complete, and currently in car, if you are interested give me a call, looking for 100 GBP. Postage at cost. Cheers 07929 159828


  10. Just remove the 2 towards the rear of the car
  11. Time Left: 25 days and 1 hour

    • Wanted
    • Used

    Hi, looking for x 2 non functioning MAF's, I will be gutting them hence the request for broken units only, the only requirement is that they are not cracked, If you can help with 1 or both please get in touch ASAP Thanks 07929159828


  12. thankyou, my gearbox has 2 black connectors???
  13. Afternoon all, does anybody have a picture of a manual gearbox with details of what each of the electrical connectors is for please, Thanks
  14. Evening , does anybody have an email address or phone number for Z nut, if so please drop me a PM.( I did PM Znut myself on here but it seems he is not signing in regularly) Thanks Sayers
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