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  1. I agree, that goes into the air con control side cluster
  2. I had exactly the same, my car was running a series 1 PTU, swapped to another series 1 PTU known to be good and the problem resolved, ultimatley moved to series 2 PTU and relocated the postion to help with cooling. Series 1 PTU's are known to display failure with heat and load. My advice , borrow a known good one and try your car again. should be plenty of peaople on here willing to help you out, it may also help if you identify your location. If yours is a series 2 PTU and you are near enough to me, you are welcome to try mine to see if it resolves your issue. Cheers
  3. Thankyou, would be even better if anybody has piccies ??
  4. Does anybody on here have direct experience of fitting a Line Lock to their 300 ? If so, can you guide as to how they are plumbed in electrically and hydraulically, whether you disabled the ABS, or if not, is the only negative impact that you get a warning light on the dashboard whilst using the lock ? Thanks
  5. Time Left: 20 days and 20 hours

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    As above required. If you can help please let me know, Ideally drilled and grooved, but open to offers


  6. Rear Brake Discs View Advert As above required. If you can help please let me know, Ideally drilled and grooved, but open to offers Advertiser sayers Date 04/04/21 Price £1,234.00 Category Parts - Wanted  
  7. Time Left: 18 days and 22 hours

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    Hi, looking for x 2 non functioning MAF's, I will be gutting them hence the request for broken units only, the only requirement is that they are not cracked, If you can help with 1 or both please get in touch ASAP Thanks 07929159828


  8. Hi, I need the layout for a UK Instrument cluster pleae, can anybody assist
  9. For all those faced with the same issue as I was , or anything relating to Turbo Charger removal please take note of the following statement, Remove the engine, dont deliberate or waste your time trying to access from under the car, it is pointless and futile and you will not be able to guarantee the work you do because everything is so restricted. For those rebuilding an engine, ALWAYS buy new Oil feed lines if using the original type, which are steel with a flare on the end, As I now know to not install them at the time of build will lead to totally avoidable engine pull.
  10. Can i lift the engine and gearbox as 1 unit by 6 inches in order to gain access ??, If so, must I lower the subframe a little or can I avoid this ??. Ideally I do not want to have to remove the gearbox.
  11. Hi all, I need to change the above lines as they are leaking where the union screws into the Turbos. I am not able to get access from underneath to the top union, so what is the easiest way to chenge the lines, Thoughts ??
  12. Hi, can anybvody help with an English layout of the instrument cluster lights to suit a 1993 TT. Ta Sayers
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