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  1. cheers guys really appreciate the birthday wishes hope everyone has a good new year
  2. have a look at the purple Amethyst from Porsche from the 2013 Panamera or if your fancying brighter purple the Ultraviolet from the new GT3rs is lovely seen both in the flesh
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ORIGINAL-FERRARI-458-SPECIALE-RACING-SITZE-SEATS-F-430-599-GTO-F12-/400688141547?hash=item5d4adfd4eb:g:x0kAAOxyhXRTO~0Z How about 8.5k
  4. has to be the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle 454 from the 4th movie or the Bensopra R35 from the 6th movie
  5. if you bought the one keith sold then congrats on the Zed buddy she is a solid car
  6. was an amazing day thanks tom for bringing this meet to our attention and great to see some old face and some new ones
  7. Be good to see you to bud a catch up is defiantly in order
  8. think I might pop down myself be nice to see a few old faces
  9. thats harsh mate hope you find the little B:censored:S that done it
  10. they kinda look like Volk te37's without the branding on them imo
  11. it is indeed a navan spoiler as we have a genuine one on our zed(uber rare) not the best pic
  12. welcome to the club matey you need to get some pics up its the law LOL
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