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  1. Maybe because its not listed in Cars but in Classics,
  2. Take the scuttles off, where the inner wing meets the bottom of the bulkhead there is a rubber flap each side,, it does get full up with crap over time, especially if your scuttle trim has bits missing from it.
  3. Have to agree, the fitment and quality of Twinz stuff I have fitted so far is, I would say, "fair to average"
  4. That one has an absolutely abysmal mot history, I was going to have a look at that a while back, but after checking up on it, decided its just not worth the pain
  5. I've got it, do you want it pm'ed Bri?
  6. Sounds interesting Si, so if it went through, how would you establish who is first? and with that in mind if you where say 6th in line, where would that be in terms of finish date of your own?
  7. 9.5 x 18 ET35 with 265/35/18 Federal RSR and no arch lip
  8. Seeing as I am going to Coventry I thought I better get my car finished, so ripped off the poor rear fibreglass spoiler in preparation for this one
  9. craig+2, attending meet, hotel Booked via Craig, family room, yes RichardSmith+1, attending meet, hotel Booked via Craig, double room, yes JoelyP, attending meet, no hotel, no meal (adl) phoenix, attending meet, booked own hotel, yes meal. Ted+2 attending meet, book own hotel, no meal BedZee Man, attending meet, no hotel, no meal Rata2ie, Attending meet, no hotel, no meal Gaz 300 + 1 attending meet hotel booked by Craig twin room -yes Ianl meet, bed, food Mondo +1, attending meet, will book own room, yes to meal Sayers + 1 attend meet, no room
  10. None if it has airbag intact, unless it is contained within a steel safe it is explosive
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