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  1. the only issue is sills and strut tops at winter lol just like skylines lol
  2. I am afraid they are not interchangeable the kit is several thousand pound
  3. I did and the workmanship on the billet wheels is outstanding i was very pleased with the whole package
  4. no clutch and steering are totaly different fluids bud
  5. no uk outlets that i am aware of on those
  6. Yes bud ive checked with the mrs the baby is due the 19th so as long as there are no late complications we should be ok
  7. hybrid gtx 2560's billet bde engine mounts jwt 500 cams titanium double valve springs and retainers still on the link g3 plus all the other stuff you know about bud
  8. I will all things going to plan be attempting to make this car should be finished next month at some point
  9. sorry i wont be taking part in any further club events best of luck with the event guys
  10. After the thread closure yesterday i am off removed all details i can just thought would say good bye to those who have been polite and pleasant over the years i may return one day should there be someone removed from moderation other than that i will not be here im not wishing to drag anything up so please dont start another battle thread but if anyone wants to make contact ask i do have an email address regards and good bye Steve
  11. Gary i can see I'm not getting any where with this so no point Vodkashots please keep my £85 I'm sure I will BUMP into you somewhere and discuss in more detail it's only a mater of time
  12. So yet again it's down to vacuum lines causing it not work your sense of humour is hilarious and im growing a little tired of your clauses
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