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  1. Still sour & bitter i see there Jeff Anyways hope you and family are doing well. X
  2. Got my Zed out of storage and in to unit to finish ;)
  3. Christmas is a time to reflect on the year gone by, spend time with your family and friends, relax and look forward to the year that lies ahead. We, at Automodz, would like to wish you all of our customers, and friends a very Happy Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing you in 2017.
  4. most likely be the cats are failing or blocked from falling apart inside m8 you got few options replace with new replace with Decats or on the cheap if the pipes are ok take out whats left of the filter inside decat pipes would be my recommendation mark
  5. the original pump is good for 700hp .. however thats if it was new .. however its 20+ years old so i would recommend replacing it with a AEM 320lp or a Genuine walbro 340lp pump this will be fine for yours and most cars
  6. no chance m8 there captive nuts in the support part of the cill
  7. the longer bracket with 2 bolts go at the front of the sub fame and bolt to the chassis its self .. they are needed as there part of the Torq support of the frame the other 2 round ones go to the back mounts its important you get the front mounts sorted and refitted
  8. Yep that's right both can be done with engine in place All reconditioned turbos fitted come with 12 months warranty Mark
  9. Thanks lads .. yep been having great day with family :)
  10. only couple of bolts that are part of the brackets that hold the pipe .. other than that u need 17mm and 14mm spanners for the join on the very end of it
  11. WALBRO 320lp to 450lp will be more than enough for your needs just make sure you buy from good known places are there are lot of fakes around
  12. i can supply you Refurbed tubs with 360* Bearings @ £600 Pair or my t25/t28 Hybrids inc 360* for £800 can all so offer fitting option if you req Mark
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