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  1. Rest in peace Mandy. xxx

  2. I was umming n arghing about fitting chrome door handles. Lost my nerve in the end!!! More photos please!!
  3. I'm so glad that you are enjoying him and he's out doing what he does best! Although it was nice having him, it was such a waste having him sat on the drive doing nothing. I know he is in safe hands and you will love and cherish him as much as I do.
  4. Thanks for all your kind words and hopefully I will be around for a while yet!!
  5. Well I'm trying to stay positive and do what I can when I can. It's all I can do. I may well have the odd rant every now and then :biggrin: even tho I've only met some of you in person, I feel like you are my mates who I can chat with.
  6. I've put off writing this thread for months,as nobody knows what to say to make me feel any better. There is nothing you really can say, but I know I have your support. As many as you know, I am having health problems. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, despite everybodies best efforts, the treatment has been unsuccessful and I am now terminal. Im not sure how much longer I've got, probably weeks, hopefully months but I will keep posting for as long as possible!! You will be wondering what will happen to Zebedee as I am now too poorly to drive him. Well I have sold him t
  7. Really sad news, but as had been said, at least you are ok. Sounds like unhappy timing with other cars going off nearby. Must be a bit of a black spot
  8. Well, yesterday . Took Zebedee for his mot and he passed - woo hoo!!
  9. Actually an fr would be fine. Doesn't have to be a cupra. Just need something I don't look like an elephant seal struggling to get out of :biggrin:
  10. Yes, but they are few n far between. An auto hot hatch does seem a bit 'wrong'!
  11. Yeah, something like that would fit the bill. Prefer petrol though and lower mileage but I will def do a bit of research
  12. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get out of my mx5 due to my mobility problems :-( so I'm thinking about selling him and getting something a bit more sensible and not so low, probably an auto. Not many Japanese hot hatches out there so might try something different. Don't want French or a ford.Narrowed it down to polo gti, Ibiza cupra or maybe a skoda fabia vrs. About 3 years old. Anyone had any experience of any of these ? And if anybody is interested in an immaculate 05 mx5 let me know!!
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