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  1. thanks for the link new sender arrived today, hopefully fit it this week
  2. Hope someone can help. When I start the engine from cold, oil pressure goes up to 4. When it is hot it goes down to 1 sometimes 2. I think I have low oil pressure. Any advice appreciated.
  3. Thank guys, I'll get it checked a sap
  4. I thing my oil pressure may be low
  5. Hi can any one tell me what my oil pressure should be tt ?
  6. hello does anyone no where i can get a pair of sills for a swb ? steve
  7. Thanks I'll give that a read?
  8. Maybe I'll have a go at it then, and take pic as I go.
  9. Hi, I need some one to remove my plenum and replace my rocker cover seals, is there anyone in Norfolk that you could recommend ? I'm just a bit hesitant about taking the plenum of myself,
  10. Ok if I take the oil cap of a puff of air comes out?
  11. The air is getting into the engine itself
  12. Hi I've just done a boost leek test and there seems to be a leek in to the engine, I ask tentatively, what does this mean??
  13. Wow I am overwhelmed,will do, thank you very much, I'll pay £20 to cancer research which is something close to me, on your behalf. Many thanks. Steve
  14. Many thanks, what do I owe you,?
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