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    Started with bikes (34 of them) , then capris (6 of them), then Calibras (2 of them) and now Zeds (1.....so far!!!)
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  1. Lucky sod! :)..........ive got to wait until December, then off to Goa for Christmas and New Year :dance:
  2. Base idle should be set to 650 rpm with the yellow connector removed.once its set at 650 plug the yellow connector back in and the revs should pick up as the ecu takes over control of the idle speed. Have you tried a different ecu?, I had an ecu fail on a V6 Calibra and that caused a lot of running problems before I tracked it down.
  3. Mr Dent said it might have been you :), looked very nice, despite driving one I dont think you realise how good zeds look on the road until you see another one being driven....if you know what I mean :).
  4. Might be worth checking the passenger side targa drain, as the block connectors in the top lefthand corner of the footwell get dripped on if it leaks and these connectors are for the lights etc.I had allsorts of light related problems on mine as these connectors had corroded quite badly and had to be rewired.
  5. should have bought mine......you wouldnt have any problems then :)
  6. Hello and welcome, where in India are you?........i will be in Goa in December :)
  7. Not jealous mate........off to Goa for Christmas and New Year, cant wait loads of proper curries and :pint:
  8. I did mine by wrapping some insulation tape around the arm adjacent to the locknut, then undo the lock nut and turn the adjuster until the thread comes out and remove old gaiter.slide the new one on, refit the threaded end into the adjuster and wind it up until you get to the locknut (which will be in the right place cos of the tape), do up the locknut and fit retaining clips (or good cable ties) to both ends of the gaiter and job done :)
  9. Dragons Blood is lovely, i have it on my sandwiches and have even added it to vindaloos from my local indian!!!.I love spicy food and am in training for a trip to India in December :) Once put sliced Naga chillies on a ham sandwich which was a bit extreme.
  10. My 350z Brembos are also using 300zx brakelines :)
  11. saw a few like that in India last year!, proper grim!!! :scared:
  12. Sorry mate, they are the same as the ones ive got, iirc the arms I bought came with two pairs,labelled S13 and S14, one of which I used.
  13. After looking at it if the black one had been for sale when I was looking for a zed I would probably have bought it.As far as I could see it was straight and solid (checked all the areas where mine had gone and was all good),bit hard to tell under the skirts but the rear corners and arches are all good and apart from the issue with the front bumper the paintwork is good, boots as dry as a bone and it sits nice.Have seen folks ask more money for zeds that are nowhere near as tidy :)
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