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  1. How do you guys get on with getting the titanium keys cut? Going to buy one of the Ronin ones
  2. Bought the Impul by the way. Feels surreal being a zed owner again. 😂.
  3. Yes some one did. I’m only gone for 10+ years and find you’ve retired 😂. Hope your well.
  4. Yes it was the uk one I remember, cause mine was a uk one too.
  5. Got myself a bmw oil burner, m sport 335d only stage 1 350bhp though. But the call of a zed has begun. 😂
  6. Yes. I’m in Dolgellau 50 miles south of you....so yes that’s local for us😂😂
  7. Hi mate. Glad there’s still some familiar guys on here, you still got the same Z?
  8. Thanks for the reply. It does look a very clean car, do you have any more pictures? I have tried to PM you but it doesn’t let me on here for some reason?
  9. Hi all. Not sure if many still remember me, it’s been a good 10+ years since I’ve been on here. Just been looking at getting a zed again maybe 🤔. What’s the zed scene like these days? Who’s about that’s good to work on them and get parts? Used to use Jeff @ zedworld and Zcentre for my old zed. Also I’ve seen an Impul on eBay for £12k what’s peoples opinion on this? I would really be looking at getting it converted to manual though.
  10. Thanks guys. Not been on much and this is the last I'll post and be on here. Thanks to all the guys who answered some of my many questions and problems. Ta
  11. congratulations time to fit the baby seat in the zed
  12. happy birthday vini:happybday::happybday::duffer::duffer:
  13. sshhhhh:oops: its 21st, thanks guys. but why do 30's make you feel/sound so old:helpsmilie:
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