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  1. Thanks guys will try that. 👍
  2. A long shot but is there a common issue with the 300 that drains the battery? I'm sure it’s intermittent but didn’t think much about it as I put it down to a dodgy battery but fitted a new battery a month ago and had the kill switch turned off so all was fine. Yesterday I left the kill switch in at 8:30am and by 2am my alarm starts going off!! Couldn’t turn it off or open the doors so pulled the kill switch. I don’t want to be leaving it like this if it can drain a brand new battery in less than a day.
  3. Shinny 😎 all I need now is a manual conversion kit 🙈😂
  4. When my detonation sensor went my Z just ran in safe mode it wasn’t running rough or anything like that. Was a right faff to change.
  5. Thanks guys. I just thought I’d ask as I ordered lots of parts in February from US and still not received anything yet. I didn’t want to order the lights from the states and have the same issue.
  6. Thanks for the help. I’m just weighing up the involvement in doing it, as I was going to send it to jimmer (but a long way away from me), there is a gearbox specialist by me who I have to fit gas boiler & heating for, so we were going to trade work. He’s not worried about the physical side as he has worked on Z gearboxes before but he does have reservations about the electric side involved. Just not sure what to do🤔
  7. I’m very close to getting the Zed ready for its manual conversion, but there’s a few things I’m not sure about. I intend on getting the manual kit off Bonsai Breakers, so hopefully I’ll get everything needed. Unless anyone on here has one? 1. Do I need a different ECU for a manual? 2. Do I remove the auto ecu or leave it? 3. The blue relay behind the wing I hear it is bridged together again do I remove the blue relay? 4. I’m sure my zed has a 1 piece prop, I’m guessing I will need a whole manual prop? 5. Does anything need setting up electronically once done? any pointers and advice you think I’ve missed would be great
  8. Will do thanks for that. 👍
  9. does anyone know if the targa seals have any type of sealant on them. Been getting water coming in. at the front of the targa on drivers side and behind dripping on the back of the seat, this is the same on the passenger side. I silicone greased the seals (as this worked on my old Z), but when I removed the seals to look at their condition I noticed black bitumen just underneath where they sit under the drain holes. Looked original to my but old and not very water tight, is it supposed to have sealant/bitumen there? Looks like it’s to make sure the water goes down the drain holes and not between the body and door.
  10. Do we have to get in touch about the membership packs or is it automatic when subbed?
  11. Can I just fit an impul ECU or not? I was offered one in December but just assumed mine would of had it fitted and didn’t think of buying it.
  12. As above. Should the ecu on an impul be marked impul?
  13. That’s exactly why I was asking. Thanks.
  14. What an anti climax🙈😂. Thanks.
  15. Anyone know what theses indicators are? Just so I know what my options are if I do change them. Also the Perspex strip, I’ve never seen them like that, aren’t they usually black?🤷‍♂️
  16. Stainless Hard pipe kits under the bonnet, polished throttle cover, fuse covers (on the way already). 99 spec rear lights (next order) and manual conversion (summer/autumn) . Enjoy it for a year or so, then an engine rebuild to hopefully around 400bhp mark. And tbh nothing else, happy with everything else already.
  17. No problem, found an old picture of my old Zed in the process. 👇😎
  18. Got round to finally subscribing and getting pictures up of the zed. Was taken before it was put into hibernation. Just sorting a few bits out to bolt onto it, cosmetic wise.
  19. Thanks for that, I will subscribe now I have been meaning to. 👍
  20. Ok. These options are not showing on iPhone or iPad, will try the laptop.
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