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  1. L A Autos is not a specialist garage, the guy is a thief.
  2. Happy Birthday Andy. Looking good for 56! Hope you've had a good day.
  3. Hi Frank. I saw your zed & spoke to you at the Claremont Farm meet a few years ago. Always see it parked in Bromborough. Nice zed, I know you've looked after it well. Shame you have to sell but good luck with the sale. Tom.
  4. Looking for advice on what tyre size I need. Dont want any stretch ideally. Wheel sizes are 18 9.5j et25 front. Rear 18 10j et35. Thanks.
  5. Think Jimmer will. They are on facebook.
  6. They're steep for ugly wings :-). In my opinion.
  7. The ones from Banzai Breakers are a genuine body kit, Border, so should be a good fit. Price does seem a little steep.
  8. Pretty sure its today. He'll be along soon to confirm. Hes still counting the candles on his cake. Happy birthday!
  9. PayPal is mogsy57@hotmail.co.uk Glad its helped a bit.
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