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  1. Hi I am back paid subs for membership yet to receive welcome pack anyone help?
  2. hi Im back again had to stop lerking po15 area Paul
  3. got race teins I brought from here 7 years ago to on
  4. yeah its a runner tons of aftermarket parts I have collected in the last 8 years ;) GOT TO GET MOT
  5. well I am back still got the na she has been laid up for a while like me.... nice to see some old names are still here
  6. Typical problem with eBay lots of people out there that you just can't trust get the item back and join the club that the part belongs too Good luck
  7. Hi Just popped into to say hi still have the z under wraps :)
  8. looked at mine and thought I NEED MONEY to get her back on the road aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. I am close enough to buy and collect if anybody wants them but must repay as soon as I have got them
  10. that was a fun job remember doing mine sitting in the sun with a cold one and a smoke
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