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  1. Haha I wish I had a compressed air gun like the pro detailers do, to wash out all that water from the gaps/shuts. End up going round the block once after a wash, for it to all come out then wipe it off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Did you have these donor shells at PowerZed last August? If you did, then I think I saw them there. What wheel size and offset did you go for in the end? These are my ideal brakes but sadly won’t fit under my wheels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Haha I was down in the drivers footwell for a few days back in October, but for something else. They've had 5 years to get used to me and I think they finally have!!
  4. @therealnips - glad you got your TT lights sorted in the end and haha I think all of our neighbours think of us as the complete nut job that works on/cleans their car in any weather! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Got the car cover off and took the zed out for it’s first proper outing since last October, before sending the car off to the chassis shop. Been far too long and god I missed that fear when I floor it! [emoji1]. Went for a blast early morning when roads were empty, filled up with shell v power then continued. In the afternoon we headed up the motorway and back to get a good steady run for an hour. Managed to do about 70-80 miles in the end. First taste of summer today and can’t wait for the warmer and most importantly dry weather. Forgot to take pics when I was out but took a few after t
  6. Also agree with you tbh, and I think they look great too with all the different padding/sections to them. They might have stopped selling OEM foam replacements nowadays but I do know Interior Innovations USA do sell their replica foams - I will 100% be buying them when I get the re-trim done or OEM if I can find them.
  7. I had the same idea today funnily enough as no rain forecasted and I hadn't seen road grit in a while down my end, but ended up detailing the daily as it's recently come back from the bodyshop. Didn't have the energy after that absolute mission of a job, to then have to clean the Zed after a drive, before putting it away under the car cover. Will probs take it out tomorrow though as it's forecast to be dry also 😃. Times like this make me look forward to the leaky targa seals replacement, as then I wouldn't have to worry about leaving it out in the rain! Looking forward to tomorrows drive so mu
  8. Got to be a coincidence! First we both sort our suspension out and now we're building car ports - what's next! What's your car port design then? is it a lean to one you got planned or something more enclosed? I'm not sure on the route i'm doing for mine yet, got to review all the options soon.
  9. Looking great [emoji1417]. Mine has those same whiteline adjustable fuca bushes too, fitted by last owner and can report all good - was one of the few things I reused. That spot you have for your Zed is just asking for a lean to car port! Would make your life much easier. Im hoping to build an almost fully enclosed one after winter and cannot wait for the sheltered space to work on the Zed or daily. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Happy Birthday Jim, hope you had a good one [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hopefully will be as clean as I can make it! After the respray, other than some maintenance stuff like a replacement wiring loom/ac compressor, that'll probably be it for this year (or so he says as he eyes up the Z1/CZP catalogues!!). Just really looking forward to driving it loads over summer. Retrim will have to wait until next year. @AndrewG I will definitely be fitting the 99 front bumper now, so can shift those front indicator units onto you if you'd still like?
  12. Cheers for that. I remember reading about them before but completely forgot about them. I've seen some of their bits on Z1 and if I go for the OEM replica rear wing, which isn't ruled out yet, as I'm constantly changing my mind, they do the entire 90-93 black strip with decals - great value too.
  13. At the moment, the Zed is sat on my driveway under a made to measure cover. Not too happy with keeping it on the driveway under a cover. My garage is just about too short to fit the Zed in, not to mention filled with shelving and stuff. Going to relocate my garage to another side of the garden as it's a pre-fab one so is bolted together, and plan is to build an enclosed car port. I can then detail my cars in peace, not having to fight the weather! And also I can then store the Zed over winter in there, with some power routed too, to keep it on a trickle charge. Hopefully get this done wh
  14. In preparation for the full respray, I just placed the order with Amayama for the following; - full new front and rear windscreen seals - full roof seals and centre black t-bar - new targa seals (both a-pillar and targa straight sections) - new reg plate lenses (mine are burnt/cracked) - oem windscreen sealant Next job will be to place the order with Z1 Motorsports for; - Twin Z rear spoiler (I fell in love with these ones in the end!) - new scuttle panels - new fog lights - Twin Turbo rear decal Annoyingly the Twin Z Type 1 s
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