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    I am in the RAF and have had a few fun cars, a 2.8 Capri that I turbocharged and blew up, 2 awesome little 1.6 mk2.5 MX5s and I have good use of my cousin's skyline.

    I love my 300zx, I am trying very hard to keep it forever. Doing ok so far 5 Years and counting.
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    Bishop Auckland/Shawbury/Conwy
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    Guitar, Cars, Motorbikes, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing (indoor), Swimming, running, going to the gym, then sitting in a dressing gown in front of an Xbox knackered for a few days.
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    RAF Search and Rescue Winchman/Winch Operator
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    North East & North Yorkshire

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  1. You'd really have to be going some Richard! :lol: To the extent that the main thing messing with your throttle bodies, would be the driver of the car in front!:taz:
  2. TPS? That can do funny things at small throttle positions. If it were a manual I'd wonder if the clutch was dragging, so whatever the automatic version of that is, bad oil... bad torque converter. The little I think I know about automatics, is that they are sensitive to the quality of their oil, good and bad.
  3. I have a 2+2 targa TT, people will tell you they're a big heavy drag racer. They handle absolutely fine, or they can be made to handle well I should say. They might be heavy but they're plenty powerful to move the weight. The SWB cars can have less traction than the LWB. Secondly, Manual conversions. Like mine, an OEM quality swap, there are differences in cams and turbos, but they are still very powerful engines. It is no compromise having the small turbos they're awesome.
  4. I think refurbs tend to address bearings and synchros, not the gears themselves. You may be better off replacing it. However, speak to a specialist, they will know the answer, it may be possible to repair the gears, stop it getting any worse and then refurb it to a good standard.
  5. I had to save mine from rust and dump valves, so yeah it's probably worth saving.
  6. I didn't mean to cause offence and Joely was having a tounge in cheek pop at funky Si. My comment was more that I'm often dubious when I see an advert for any JDM performance car and some of the specifically mentioned selling points are not what I'd be pushing if I were selling. My reference to white was that his top line is "White Perll" My first skim read I thought he was saying "I have here for you, the White Peril!" :lol: I love white JDM cars. White NSX, dream car!
  7. White peril indeed. Stuff painted red and dump valves :-/ Chip and exhaust... not convinced. HICAS is really quite subtle. I had mine on an on off switch for ages and it is pretty subtle. I drifted mine with it and without it and tracked it with and without it. It is slightly more consistent in all aspects of cornering without it. More of a difference with my NA back end is the gearing and the lightness. Good advice above. They don't tend to fail joints wear out. Some lockout systems retain those joints anyway. I think HICAS would be good for autocross, 40mph sharp turns in quic
  8. I hope you've thrown a few buckets of de greaser over the brake fluid that must be everywhere! Well done mate, top skills recovering that heart stopper.
  9. If you're up for it when mine's back together I'll give you a race mate :biggrin:
  10. Go on, Shrapnel Stu? Looks like shot :ohmy:
  11. I used to like the latest for sale threads on the right hand side. Good work btw mate, you do a grand job on this forum :thumbup1:
  12. What do people think of these? They look to me to be oem housings with hrand new 2018spec CHRAs. They should be awesome with very little lag. Are those new wastegates too? And still journal bearings? They would fit my build perfectly! I imagine they will be pricey though!
  13. A proper shop front, decent club... fridge magnets :lol: or whatever.
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