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    im smashing,great fandabydozey,perfect in all ways happy as feck scared of dang all,
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    chief lavy janny, doon the pan
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  1. i'm just an hour away mate, try get round for a brew or unless you going visit stonehenge which is on my door step.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-300-ZX-Uk-Car-Front-Dummy-Side-Lights-Part-Number-26134-37P10-/224265288209?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 Think I might sell a set that I have if they are going for that price.
  3. I was there, i was that lone piper over every news channel around the world. Proud and Honoured to play for the soldiers that didn't make it off the beaches and come home to loved one's.
  4. Well the master of the good safe hands has messaged me with this last night, my wee car has had a fair ding underneath, he is doing his best to work something out for me, just need to wait and see what comes about. gutted, annoyed and angry all rolled into one..
  5. thanks Chris, having to tell the architect that his sketches are pants and he never listened to the brief properly so he has 1more chance.
  6. Gary I had already told them the height that I want to put a ramp in, plus 2 car deep and 2 double width garages. I have the space for it. I like the garages on the link you sent lol..
  7. thanks Gary, yeah car is standard engine no mods. so it's getting timing kit 120k, standard clutch full service, single prop that I forgot I had asked about, and sort my power steering out also, and few odd jobs..
  8. how much for the glass if not spoken for yet?
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