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    I met my first Zed when I was 17. It had been abandoned outside my mates house. We soon realised a tramp was living in it. It stank like hell...but I fell in love... with the car.

    One day it got towed away.... with the tramp inside it.

    True story.
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  1. Hi, my mate bought a 92 TT auto import recently. Yesterday the engine turned off suddenly while doing around 50mph. It happened right after taking his foot of the accelerator. All the lights on the dashboard lit up and the Power steering turned off. He pulled over and started it up again. It did it again a few minutes afterwards while doing around 30mph. As soon as he lets go of the gas, its off. I watched it happen around 5 times in just over an hour. Anyone have an idea what it could be? Thanks Alex
  2. They are all in east London mate. If you head towards Beckton on a Saturday there are car meets or at the drifting track near Edmonton you'll see lots
  3. Yeah bit clueless. Nice guys tho but when they told me "all electrics working perfectly, everything mechanical is ok and no rust at all" that was far from the truth. Suppose u get what u pay for. I'm saving up for another one now.
  4. Mine had problems with the electrics too actually.. Got mine sorted at reads garage in Stratford. Pass by there and let them have a look at it. They don't specialise in Zeds but they sorted it mine in a day and didnt charge me much.
  5. Thought I recognised that Zed! I got my one from there too. Had a good look at it when i bought mine but a bit out of my price range at the time. Awesome car!
  6. ah mate i would love to catch these scumbags at it... i'd do to them exactly what they did to my zed.
  7. If it was a previous owner it would make sense but it was from a dealer that was taken in as a part ex so not sure ... in fact i'm not sure what would drive someone to do this... I do have a noisy exhaust though. But I drive sensibly around my street. No racing at night or anything.
  8. Thanks, thought about doing this but I've decided to pay for the private parking AND get a camera in my flat looking over the car. I do want to keep my Zed and I guess this is the only way I am going to be able to do it. Unless I move flat that is...
  9. Got a visit from the police this morning. Was told there is pretty much no chance of them catching these little scumbags but they will pass on the information to the neighbourhood watch team so that they can increase patrols in the area. They will also speak to all the local residents near where I parked in case anyone witnessed it. I supposed this is actually more of an effort from them than what I expected. Not going to change the fact that it will probably happen again though.
  10. I reported it today and they are going to come and take a look at it tomorrow morning. Not really sure what they can do but I guess its always worth reporting it.
  11. My Zed has been vandalised for the second time now after owning it for just 2 months :( First time they slashed both of my rear tyres. Today I have found it with both front tyres slashed, left wing mirror broken and with a nice mix of white paint, eggs tomatoes and flour over it. No idea who would do this. So my question is what should I do now? I really cant afford to keep sorting it out and by this rate it will be up in flames by Christmas. Some points... I dont have a view of the street I park in from my flat. There are other streets to park in
  12. I tried to check my membership number by following the link http://www.300zx.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=85601 Think this one might be dead too...
  13. No worries mate. The new link worked ok. I am now a subscribed member :cool3:
  14. Tried to figure out how to PM you for about 10min but just realised i need to be subscribed member! :cool3:
  15. Hi, I sent an email about this already but didn't get a reply so thought id post my questions instead... If i become a subscribed member do i get a membership number that i can give to my insurance company to get my classic car premium reduced? I'd like to pay by paypal but the link that i need to click doesn't seem to work for me... anyone else getting this? Thanks :)
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