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  1. So grateful Andrew, I'll give it a go! (relieved i'm not the first!) Dave
  2. Dont shout @ me if I've misased something! Trying to get through toi DTA Motorsport as they supplied my Conzult software many years ago but although a website, no working tel nos? Are they still going? Dave
  3. Good to see youre still around- I bought your engine from your 300ZX after your accident. Was a lovely car. Dave
  4. Starting to lose my rag now- trying to install my copy of Conzult on Win10 upgrade. Worked fine on Win7 on another PC. Now despairing as apparently installs, but when I try to open, comes up with Exception EReadError in module conzult.exe at 0001A4C7. Error reading comportset.ComProperty: Registry error (win error code:2). I know we have some serious techies on here- which I am not- and hope you can advise! What have I done wrong? Anyone else have a problem? Is there an update for Conzult?- as OBD etc seem to say it works OK with Win10. Hate Win10 now- wouldnt have
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    STANDARD 300ZX TT AIRBOX: Removed from one of my cars many years ago when the car was quite young, so pretty good condition-just stored dry since. Still has filters in it! Please see photos. £40 DELIVERED. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS - Happy to answer any questions.


  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    RARE LWB HKS SUPERDRAGGER 300ZX EXHAUST SYSTEM: includes Stainless Steel/ Steel Single Outlet Backbox plus CAT BACK 2 into one mid-section. I had intended this sought- after exhaust for one of my cars, together with a Wide Body & Side Skirts Kit (I will be selling this so let me know if you are interested), but have changed my mind. From a low mileage car, and has been dry stored for some years by myself. I have put this here first before other sites, as I have had a lot of interest in the past, and would prefer it to go to a Club Member. PHENOMINAL GROWL FROM THIS ICONIC EXHAUST! STAINLESS STEEL/ STEEL BACKBOX: This is in very good condition. I recently had a small crack in the Steel piping professionally welded- the extra thickness of the steel gives confidence. The steel piping has been finished in a Galvanising Paint. Exits on off-side. See photos. CAT BACK 2 INTO 1 MID SECTION: This is also in good condition and has been finished in a Galvanising Paint. The muffler has previously had a patch welded on the underside, and appears very solid. FITTING: The system fits to the standard mounting points using standard rubber mounts, plus the two sections are connected using a gasket, bolts and/or exhaust paste. It should not be a problem at any exhaust centre. DELIVERY: Local Collection (Swanage, Dorset), or I can quote for postage/delivery. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS - Happy to answer any questions.


  7. Cast Iron or Aluminium versoions? Dave
  8. Maybe it is just the abs block, and the valves within it as pressure leaks past worn o rings. Enough of them floating around if it needs changing. I have a low mileage one if you decide it is that part. Not changed it myself, but plenty like Jeff who could advise.- I assume change a bleed- bound to be in manual.
  9. Since it is when you are moving, I suppose you have ruled out worn/dry suspension bushes/ suspension strut etc as its next to a turret?
  10. Hi Sean

    You were going to sell me the Veilside SWB exhaust a while ago? Can I buy you a pint and catch up? 07947125795





  11. My gripe is certainly not with more seller info and doing something about it since I am one of those that lost heavily through non- receipt of paid for goods as you may remember. It is rather the throwing of all categories into one area instead of the old, separate, clear categories. It did not need this combined column to ask for more detail on submission of a listing. Regards Dave
  12. What was wrong with having Cars for Sale, Items for Sale and Wanted seperately Gary?
  13. Also hate new system and cannot understand reasons for it- confusing and unclear. Step backward. Mixed up just looks a mess but I suppose it saves mods moving about threads started in the wrong section. Dave
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